Andy Roddick on the Australian Open

by Jonas Eriksson

Andy Roddick has started a podcast and also started writing about tennis. Here is Andy Roddick on the Australian Open.

The article was written for the tennis betting site Betway. You can check out Andy Roddick’s podcast on YouTube. His first guest was US journalist and author Jon Wertheim.

Sinner has earned it

Roddick starts his article about how Sinner rightly was on many people’s lips as a favorite for the Australian Open behind Novak Djokovic. He describes the young Italian’s growth as follows:

He was a little too skinny and would get bullied around sometimes, so he built up his body where he can play five sets without looking winded. His serve has gotten 3-4 per cent better each season and his defensive ability is amazing now. He’s also one of the few guys that has knock-out power on both sides – he can take you out on the forehand or the backhand.

It feels like he’s been a professional since he was 18 years old. You never see him whimper and you never see him complain. Credit to his team and Coach Cahill, and also to him for committing to the process because he’s lost some heartbreakers in Slams but you wouldn’t know it by the way he goes about his business.

Roddick was mightily impressed of how composed Sinner was even after dropping two sets. Especially that stellar fifth set, where he didn’t waver one bit.

Sabalenka most consistent player on the planet

Roddick claims that the same progress has been spotted for Aryna Sabalenka. Not long ago, she was dealing with serving yips and double faults, but after resolving those, the progress has been fast and intense. The American former tennis star praises Sabalenka’s consistency.

She’s now made the semis or better in the last six majors, and I don’t know that any of us dummies would have looked at her two years ago and said that she was going to be the most consistent player on Earth. She has every right to think that she’s the best player in the world right now.

Roddick also had plenty of nice things to say about Qinwen Zheng.

Her life is going to change now. Making a final and being from the Chinese market means there’s going to be a lot of eyeballs on her moving forward, but she certainly passes the eye test.

Medvedev is a Hall of Famer

Roddick also calls Daniil Medvedev a “badass”.

He has nothing to hang his head about and left everything in Melbourne. It doesn’t really matter how great your fitness level is – that cumulative effect of time on the court is eventually going to add up. His superpower is playing extended rallies and asking the question over and over: ‘Can you punch me out over time?’ He plays the most effective version of tennis that he’s capable of and it has gotten some amazing results. 

This is his sixth major final now and I don’t feel like we give him enough credit. I’ve never left a final watching Medvedev and thought he’s blown it or given it away. He makes someone earn it every single time. He’s played Rafa twice, Novak twice and an in-form Sinner. It’s just the way it goes. I lost four finals and won one. Sometimes you just come up against someone better on the day. 

I hope we get more commentary and analysis from Roddick. He sure is an astute reader of the game with a refreshingly honest voice. Similar to what Nick Kyrgios did during the Australian Open.

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