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United Cup Norrie vs De Minaur Prediction

by Jonas Eriksson

The United Cup has started in Perth! Here is our Norrie vs De Minaur Prediction for the group C match between the UK and Australia.

When you make a Norrie vs De Minaur prediction, you need to look at their head-to-head. The revamped ATP website is quite helpful in this respect. De Minaur leads 2-1 and won their latest match in the Canada Masters. He is also the more in-form player when you look at recent results and slightly higher in the ATP rankings at #12 vs #18 for Norrie.

The match-up will involve long baseline rallies and a lot of De Minaurian running. However, Norrie does not have the firepower to put him away, although he did beat him in a pretty straightforward way last year at the United Cup (6-3 6-3).

For me, this has De Minaur all over it, but it is never easy to predict matches at the start of the season. You have no idea who is feeling good in practice, if there are any lingering injuries, and so on.

Still, our prediction is 2-1 to De Minaur.

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Katie Boulter vs Ajla Tomljanovic Prediction

After the Norrie vs De Minaur match, we have Katie Boulter taking on Ajla Tomljanovic. Ajla has struggled with injuries for a chunk of 2023, it’s nice to see Ajla back in action.

Tomljanovic won their only head-to-head encounter on grass but has dropped 290 in the WTA rankings due to her injury timeout. Despite that, she is still the favorite here according to the bookies.

She is known to be a formidable fighter, but I believe Boulter will be motivated by her boyfriend (De Minaur) winning for the opposing team.

TN Prediction: Boulter to win 2-1

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