Wimbledon 2021 Results and Predictions – Daily Vlogs

by Jonas Eriksson

This year I am challenging myself to create Wimbledon 2021 Results and Predictions in the format of daily vlogs.

I am a bonafide tennis nerd and I think it’s likely that you are too. My nerdism doesn’t only stretch to racquets and gear, but pretty much all aspects of the sport. From mental strength to conditioning, these are all aspects of tennis that fascinate me. I don’t have time to follow the WTA as closely as I do the ATP, but I enjoy both tours when I get the time. For this year’s grandest grand slam, I decided to do Wimbledon 2021 Results and Predictions vlogs on YouTube where I talk about the day and give my predictions and thoughts about upcoming matches.

So far I’ve covered the first three days and I also talked about my predictions ahead of the event. Below you can find my Wimbledon 2021 videos thus far:

Wimbledon 2021 Results and Predictions vlogs

In this video, I gave my thoughts about round 1 and who is likely to be the overall winner and who are the key challengers to Novak etc.

Wimbledon 2021 Day 1

Rain swept most of the first day away, but there were some great matches as well.

Wimbledon 2021 Day 2

Heart-break for Serena, Federer back in action and Medvedev sends a strong message.

Wimbledon 2021 Day 3

After more nasty falls and injuries, I had to tackle the topic: What’s up with the grass? There are some obvious reasons that the courts are more slippery (they usually are in the first couple of days) such as the heavy rain during the first two days that has made the grass absorb more moisture than usual. Definitely not an easy situation for the players who need to watch out when it comes to twisting ankles etc.

Wimbledon Day 4 – Coming up!

Let’s get ready for Day 4. Federer is back in action against Gasquet. Can he perform better than in round 1?

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