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How to deal with injuries? Interview with Amos Simon, Osteopath

by Jonas Eriksson

Most of us suffer from injuries from time to time. I’ve had my fair share. But thanks to my osteopath, Amos Simon, I am relatively pain-free. How to deal with injuries?

Amos and I sat down to discuss the topic: how to deal with injuries. We get into prevention, warm-ups, tools and habits to help our bodies stay stronger, longer. You can watch the episode on my YouTube channel or listen to it on my podcast. The podcast is available on iTunes, Spotify and the usual places.

If you’re in Malta, you can get in touch with Amos here or on phone: +356 77 06 19 85

Interview with Amos Simon

Amos is an osteopath. But what is an osteopath? This is how healthline describes it:

An osteopath is a licensed physician who practices medicine using both conventional treatments and osteopathic manipulative medicine, which focuses on relieving pain and tension in the musculoskeletal system.

What I’ve really appreciated in Amos’ treatments is that he seems to always find the root of the problem. I go to him as soon as I started feeling some kind of pain during or after playing and I never need more than 1-2 sessions to see a significant improvement. Seeking professional help early on is vital if you put a priority on staying healthy and not worsening an injury.

One of the key topics we get into is tennis elbow. It’s becoming more and more common that players suffer from tennis elbow. One reason is the stiffer materials many of us use: powerful racquets and polyester strings. But for advanced players and pros, the game is now faster than ever before. Players move better and can swing faster thanks to the improved physicality but also due to the new racquet and string technologies.

Check out good racquets for tennis elbow here and suitable string setups here.

What is tennis elbow and how should we treat it? Listen to the episode and get some tips and ideas. I personally use a massage gun and a flexbar (besides doing plenty of dynamic stretching exercies and going to the gym regularly).

I can also recommend checking out a fitness program, like the ones from Nathan Martin.

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