Functional Tennis Saber Junior

by Jonas Eriksson

There is now a Functional Tennis Saber Junior version. As you know, I’m a big fan of this product as a training tool.

I am a regular user of the Functional Tennis Saber and brought it to the court as recently as yesterday when there was a group of Dutch tennis nerds visiting Marbella to be coached by my friend Nikki Roenn. I brought some rackets to the session and the Saber is always a head-turner. I always get the same reaction: it’s easier to use than you think.

I have the Functional Tennis Saber Lite (click for my review) and the Regular edition. But I recently also tested the Functional Tennis Saber Junior version. You can purchase it from their official website. It has the following specs:

The Functional Tennis Saber Junior is for 6-10 year olds or players who use a 25 or 26 inch racket.

Saber Junior Specifications

– Weight 240 grams unstrung
– Length 2 inches shorter than the Saber Mid or Lite
– Grip size 0 (4)

String Pattern 12×12
Beam size 22mm straight beam

This is a great training tool for juniors and kids who want to work on their sweet spot. If I was coaching kids on a regular basis, I would have at least one in the bag to get players to warm up and dial in their strokes. There is always a fun response when you bring out the Saber.

Have you tried any of the Sabers?

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