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Swingvision update 9.5.7

by Jonas Eriksson

Swingvision is a great tool to record yourself and to understand your game better. They have now released Swingvision update 9.5.7

In Swingvision 9.5.7 we see a setup redesign, which will confirm on your phone and watch that everything looks good for recording. This will make you feel secure that you have set up your camera properly.

The Swingvision update will also allow you to edit points. You can adjust who won the point and how, which is a great way to edit details or fix autoscoring inaccuracies.

If you want to try Swingvision, you can get a 45-day free trial of Swingvision Pro with this link. They’re currently running a father’s day sale (see below)

Swingvision Father’s Day Sale

Swingvision is running a Father’s Day sale with a bundle: 1 Year of SwingVision Pro + the QM-1 Phone Mount for just $199.99 ($60 off!)

>With this bundle, your favorite tennis dad will get:
30 Hours of 60fps x 1080p Video per Month
Unlimited Cloud Storage for Life
Automated Scoring, Match Stats & Line Calling
Accidental Damage Protection (1 mount replacement per year)

Swingvision Review

I reviewed Swingvision on my YouTube channel and also here on Tennisnerd under Swingvision Review. This includes and interview with business developer Nikhil Jayahsankar which will give you some more insights about the product.

One of the benefits of Swingvision besides the cool features like line-calling and being able to see how hard you hit, is that it cuts out all the dead time in between points. It will save you a lot of time instead of spending time in your editing software.

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