Xpand Kinetic Band Review

by Jonas Eriksson

What is a Kinetic band, and in what way can it help tennis players improve? You will find out in this Xpand Kinetic Band review.

The idea with the Kinetic band is to improve how you use your kinetic chain in your swing. The band will give you resistance and, in a way, force you to engrain some positive habits when it comes to your technique. This is how Xpand describes it:

Extra rotational resistance forces you to activate your core and be more in control of your hip/shoulder rotation. A stronger neuromuscular connection is made to the point where you can really feel and get in sync with your energy transfer into each shot. The best way I like to describe it is unlocking your effortless, consistent power. 

When coiled up, the band is right behind you, so it emphasizes a longer swing path to the side of the body. A lot of people wrap their swing around from behind their body, which shortens their contact zone and time of the ball on the strings. Feedback from hitting your racket against the band will help you improve this and emphasize generating power from your body and looseness rather than muscling the shot.  

The band also encourages you to lean forward into the ball, resulting in more power.

Does it work?

I did this Xpand Kinetic Band review with some other players. None are beginners; this product is more for ambitious intermediate to advanced players who want to level up their game. At least that is how I see it.

We took turns using the band and feeding balls and quickly noticed several things. When fed balls with the band attached, you quickly picked up potential flaws or inconsistencies in your technique. If there is something wrong in your footwork and swing, the extra resistance will make that even more evident. Like always, I recommend recording yourself while using the band to help understand what you do well and not so well.

Using the band and hitting alongside a coach is a great way to work on your leg drive, swing mechanics and foot work.

I was a big fan of the gravity belt and now I will also use and let other players use (I like to bring products around for different players to try and give their input. It is a great way to connect fellow tennis nerds and see how they react to new tennis gear).

I like how Xpand tries to bring out highly functional tennis tools for ambitious players. Most of us want to improve, but nothing in tennis comes easy. But with these tools, you can work on your game in new, exciting ways, unlocking insights you would not have come across otherwise.

Video review to come on our YouTube channel.

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