Top 5 Tennis Travel Locations in Europe

by Stefan Jonsson

Europe offers a lot for us tennis nerds, overall it’s a very diverse range of destinations but they all combine natural beauty with exceptional tennis facilities.

So which are the best tennis travel locations in Europe?

Wether you prefer the sunny Mediterranean or the classic, picturesque countryside of Tuscany, there’s always a top tennis location near.

Read more below to see our top 5 tennis locations around Europe. There are many locations to choose from, both for beginners and more experienced tennis players, however we have narrowed it down a bit to just five.

These are the best five tennis travel locations in Europe according to our team.

Mallorca, Spain

Mallorca Tennis Clubs

Mallorca, the largest of Spain’s Balearic Islands, is a true tennis haven. With over 180 tennis courts scattered across the island, Mallorca works well for players of all levels, from beginners to professionals. The island’s warm Mediterranean climate and fantastic natural beauty make it an ideal destination for a tennis holiday.

Mallorca highlights:

  • Over 180 tennis courts across the island
  • Diverse range of tennis academies and resorts
  • Rafa Nadal Academy, a world-renowned training center
  • Pleasant Mediterranean climate
  • Beautiful beaches and charming villages

Some of the best tennis clubs in Mallorca:

  • Playas De Santa Ponsa Tenis Club
  • Rafa Nadal Tennis Club
  • Mallorca Country Club
  • Playas de Santa Ponça Club
  • Tennis Academy Mallorca
Tennis courts in Mallorca, Spain

Tuscany, Italy

Tuscany Tennis Clubs

Tuscany, of course renowned for its rolling hills and vineyard, also offers great tennis courts and clubs. This region has numerous tennis resorts, many of which are nestled in the stunning Tuscan landscape. The combination of world-class tennis facilities and the picturesque Tuscan countryside makes it a must on this list.

Tuscany Highlights:

  • Numerous tennis resorts and clubs amidst Tuscan scenery
  • Tennis sports centres which are rich in history
  • Diverse range of programs for all levels
  • Picturesque Tuscan countryside with charming villages
  • Culinary delights of Tuscan cuisine, and of course the wine!

Top Tennis Clubs/Facilities in Tuscany:

  • Circolo Tennis Firenze
  • Match Ball Country Club
  • Centro Sportivo Anchetta
  • Dodo Tennis Club
  • Centro Sportivo Anchetta
Tuscany offers fantastic tennis courts.

Marbella, Spain

Marbella Tennis Clubs

Marbella, located on Spain’s Costa del Sol, is a glamorous resort town which does not only offer world class golf courses. Tennis is extremely popular here, and wherever you are around the town, you’ll always find a good tennis club near-by. The town’s reputation for luxury and exclusivity extends to its tennis facilities, offering fantastic amenities and often personalized attention.

You’ll manage really well with just the English language around Marbella, just learn a few basic Spanish words to enjoy the stay more.

Marbella Highlights:

  • Plenty of options for beach resorts, hotels and of course tennis academies
  • Endless amounts of tennis courts and other luxurious sports amenities
  • Global/international hub with shops and facilities in many languages
  • Beautiful beaches and vibrant nightlife
  • Access to Costa del Sol’s attractions and activities

Best Tennis Clubs/Courts in Marbella:

  • The Royal Tennis Club
  • Puente Romano Tennis Club
  • Don Carlos Resort Tennis Club
  • Los Monteros Racket Club
  • The International Tennis club Marbella
Marbella offer beautiful surroundings, a tennis and golf paradise

Gstaad, Switzerland

Gstaad, located in the Swiss Alps, offers a unique blend of Alpine charm and world-class tennis facilities. This is such a unique place it just had to make it into our list of the Top 5 tennis travel locations in Europe. The town’s exclusive ambiance and breathtaking mountain scenery create a beautiful setting for a tennis holiday.

Gstaad Highlights:

  • Gstaad Palace Hotel, a luxurious resort hosting the annual Gstaad Open
  • Picturesque alpine landscape and charming village atmosphere
  • World-class tennis facilities and personalized coaching
  • Access to hiking, skiing, and other Alpine activities
  • Luxurious location but also options for budget traveling

Top Tennis Facilities in Gstaad:

  • Gstaad Palace Tennis
  • Le Grand Bellevue Tennis
  • Gstaad Sports Centre (indoor courts)
Try Gstaad if you want great mountain scenery and good tennis courts.

Quinta do Lago, Portugal

Quinta do Lago, located in the Algarve region of Portugal, is a resort paradise with everything you would demand from such a place, top beaches, world-class golf courses and outstanding tennis facilities. It would be hard not to list Quinta do Lago as one of the top EU tennis travel locations. The resort’s commitment to excellence extends to its tennis programs, offering a variety of options and training academies for all levels and interests.

Quinta do Lago Highlights:

  • Quinta do Lago Tennis Academy with diverse programs
  • 13 tennis courts for practice and matches
  • Pristine beaches and other sports facilities
  • Luxury accommodations and resort amenities
  • Near access to Algarve’s attractions and activities

Top Tennis Clubs in Quinta do Lago:

  • The Campus Tennis
  • Four Seasons Country Club
  • Lakeside Country Club
Quinta do Lago resort, Portugal

Some Tips for Planning Your Tennis Travel in Europe

  • Consider the time of year: Europe offers a pleasant tennis climate throughout the year, but spring and autumn are generally considered the best times to visit if it’s the southern part of the continent.
  • Choose the right destination: Consider your playing level, desired amenities and of course also budget when selecting a destination.
  • Book in advance: Popular tennis resorts and academies often book up months in advance, so it’s advisable to plan your trip early.
  • Pack appropriately: Pack comfortable tennis wear, shoes for tennis and other activities, sunscreen and a cap.
  • Arrange transportation: If you plan to explore the surrounding area, consider renting a car or arranging private transportation.
  • Embrace the local culture: Immerse yourself in the local culture by sampling the cuisine, exploring the historic sites, and interacting with the locals.

We hope you’ll enjoy these travel locations and let us know your favorite one in the comments below, especially if you know of any hidden gems among great tennis courts.

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