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Questions about the forehand

by Jonas Eriksson
Questions about the forehand - Tennisnerd Academy

In another episode from Tennisnerd Academy we deal with a few questions about the forehand. You ask and we try our best to answer. We hope you like it! Any questions? You know where to put them!

The previous Tennisnerd academy video dealt with some of the basics of the modern forehand such as the grips, backswings, and follow-throughs. After that video, we got a bunch of questions about the forehand from readers and subscribers and we wanted to do one video where we dealt with them.

We cover these things and more in the video:
1. How do you handle low, medium and high balls?
2. What role does the wrist play in the forehand?
3. What grip strength should I use?
4. Why do your shots sometimes fly out?
5. How do you hit with more power on your forehand?

Do you have any questions about the forehand or other tennis-related questions? Put them below or in YouTube comments section and we will do our best to deal with them as fast as we can. We are getting a lot of feedback at the moment so replies might take a bit longer than usual but our aim is to answer pretty much every question we get.

Questions about the forehand - Tennisnerd Academy

We hope you like the video and that you tell your tennis friends about Tennisnerd Academy. We are still having some issues with sound and light so that is something I will be working on from now on to improve so you can have a better experience watching our videos.

Would you be interested in some form of video coaching with Nik and Vijay or racquet consultation with Tennisnerd? We might launch this feature in the future so keen to hear if this is something that would interest you or not. We might also offer the possibility to come to Malta for training/sparring sessions if you’re interested in that.

Thanks for watching this video with Questions about the forehand.

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Norm Weigel July 11, 2019 - 05:52

Other than the obvious difference in physical specs, would you please compare and contrast the actual play- esp power, stability, and control – of the Diadem Elevate Tour and the Prince Textreme 100 Pro (310). Thank you. Norm nfweigel@hotmail.com

Jimmy L July 15, 2019 - 02:11

Great video and really relevant topics for us newbs. Looking forward to more! And hello from the US!

Tennisnerd July 15, 2019 - 07:30

Thanks a lot! Hello from Malta :)


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