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Angell Slazenger Pro Braided Silver Limited Edition

by TN
Angell Slazenger Pro Braided Silver Limited Edition

Limited Editions and custom paint jobs are all the rage in the tennis world, and Angell does not want to miss the bandwagon. Together with Slazenger they release a take on the legendary Slazenger Pro Braided racquet, made famous by Tim Henman. It is called the Angell Slazenger Pro Braided Silver.

The original Slazenger Pro Braided silver was a 95 sq inch, stiffer racquet that was excellent for serve-and-volley players like Tim Henman. It had a 16×18 string pattern, was 4 pts head light strung and had a 330 swing weight (the weight was 310 grams unstrung!). Now Slazenger has commissioned Angell tennis to create a limited edition version of the Slazenger Pro Braided but based on the Angell K7 Red (read my review here).

The specs are basically a slightly heavier K7 in a black/white paint job. So if you like the Angell K7 Red (which I do) and just want a 5 grams heavier package and a different paint job – this is your chance! There are limited quantities of the Angell Slazenger Pro Braided Silver, so you probably need to act fast if you are a Tim Henman fan or just like this harlequin-inspired paint job. You can find the Angell Slazenger Pro Braided Silver version here.

Angell Slazenger Pro Braided Silver Limited Edition – Specs and features

Angell Slazenger Pro Braided Silver Limited EditionFrame Features

Braided construction
Full Protection Grommets

Unstrung Specifications

Headsize – 98
String Pattern – 16×19
Weight -310g / 11oz
Balance – 315mm / 9 pts HL
Stiffness – 64RA
Length – 27” / 685.8mm
Grip shape – B
Grip type – Slazenger PU Black

Angell Slazenger Pro Braided Silver Limited Edition

What do you think of the Angell Slazenger Pro Braided Silver Limited Edition? Are there any legendary sticks that you would like to have brought back? Please comment below.


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Jothi kumar .R July 16, 2018 - 13:33

Superb .I want to know the price of this one

Tennisnerd July 18, 2018 - 07:45

Hi Jothi,
Angell might have a few left: https://www.angelltennis.com/?wpam_id=20

Cheers / J

Renato October 31, 2018 - 17:38

Comparing with the k7 red this racket has more power or control?

Tennisnerd November 1, 2018 - 11:45

Hi Renato,
It is the same racquet pretty much! The Slazenger Pro Braided weighs 5 grams more so will have slightly better power/stability, but that is nothing that can’t be easily fixed with some lead tape on the K7 Red. Otherwise the racquets play exactly the same! Cheers / J

Michael in Uk November 15, 2018 - 21:43

late on this but I have just ordered this K7 Slazenger format. I have a K7, love it, have been meaning to buy a second one, and the look of this black and white harlequin paint job is irresistible !!

Tennisnerd November 16, 2018 - 09:14

Cool! It weighs around 5 grams more, but all other specs are the same. Send me a photo of the two next to each other when you have them and I will post it on our Instagram. Cheers / Jonas


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