HEAD Graphene 360 Radical Pro Racquet Review

by Jonas Eriksson
HEAD Graphene 360 Radical Pro Racquet Review

After my tennis friend and racquet junkie, Henrik Wallensten, reviewed the new HEAD Graphene 360 Radical MP favorably, I was, of course, very curious about the Pro version. So here is my HEAD Graphene 360 Radical Pro Racquet Review.

I did enjoy the updates both to the Extreme and Speed Pro racquets and I think HEAD Graphene 360 technology is an improvement over the Graphene Touch generation. Why? Well, I think they have managed to find a solid connection to the string bed. I really know where I will hit my shot with all the Graphene 360 racquets I’ve tried and that is a good thing. The “hollow feel” does bother me a bit with these frames but after finding a good setup with string and tension, I am quite positive about this racquet. Find out the pros and cons in this HEAD Graphene 360 Radical Pro racquet review by reading on…

So what is Graphene 360? Well, as Henrik mentioned in his Graphene 360 Radical MP review, HEAD have placed graphene in the shaft and in the head at 9, 12 and 3 (clockwise). This creates a more solid feel without adding weight to the frame. The idea is to make the racquet easy and fast to swing, but still solid when it comes to blocking back shots. If I would compare it to perhaps my favorite Radical of all time, the IG Radical Pro, this one is crisper and offers a more feedback from the string bed. The downside with the Radical Pro for me was the launch angle, which could send the ball flying at times. This one is definitely more controlled.

HEAD Graphene 360 Radical Pro Racquet Review – Specs

HEAD Graphene 360 Radical Pro Racquet Review

The main difference with the HEAD Graphene 360 Radical Pro and the MP is the weight. There are 15 more grams on the Pro and that is why it is 5 mm more head-light. If you want to get a real pro player swing weight, you can replace the grommet for a so-called CAP grommet that covers the whole frame. That along with a leather grip could be an excellent way to get this racquet to play in pro spec.

WEIGHT (UNSTRUNG): 310 g / 10.9 oz
HEAD SIZE: 630 cm² / 98 in²
BALANCE: 315 mm
LENGTH: 685 mm / 27.0 in
BEAM: 20/23/21 mm

I rarely mention design on Tennisnerd, but I want to say that the cosmetics of the Graphene 360 Radical Pro is an improvement over the previous Spiderman-themed racquet. But that is obviously a highly subjective thing.

HEAD Graphene 360 Radical Pro Racquet Review – How does it play?

HEAD Graphene 360 Radical Pro Racquet Review

Finding the right string for a racquet is important. It can completely change the character of the whole frame. At first, I strung it up with one of my go-to strings, HEAD Hawk Touch at 24 kg. I love Hawk Touch in a powerful racquet, but I quickly noticed that the Radical is too low-powered for such a string and tension. I thought the previous edition was quite powerful and this one is much more controlled and it is easier to connect with the ball. But the response with HEAD Hawk Touch felt a bit board-like and racquets that play like that crave a lower tension.

The launch angle of the Radical Pro is not low like an 18×20, but definitely lower than many 16×19, 98 sq inch racquets I’ve tried. That is partly why I thought that Solinco Tour Bite Soft at 22,5 kg would be perfect in this frame. And the string did make the string bed softer, more spin-friendly and since the racquet is low-powered it was just a perfect blend.

I was testing the racquet together with Nikunj Siwach who is a good player (a couple of ATP points to his name) and an excellent coach and he also loved the combination of string and racquet. He actually said that it was the best racquet he has tried in a while and I usually bring a bag of racquets to the court for us to test. So thumbs up from him. You can see him hitting with the racquet in the video review and he was hitting winners left, right and center.

HEAD Graphene 360 Radical Pro Racquet Review

HEAD Graphene 360 Radical Pro Racquet Review – Who is it for?

I struggled a bit with this racquet at first. The feel with the Graphene 360 can be a tad “hollow” as opposed to the solid feel of a foam-filled racquet. But once I dialed in the string setup and tension, I felt really connected to the ball. I did not really see the need to add any lead tape to the racquet as it was pretty stable in stock form. Perhaps I would add a little bit at 12 to bump up the swing weight, but with a lower tension, I felt the sweet spot really opened up.

This racquet is definitely for more advanced players. If I would put the different Graphene 360 racquets in a skill level chart, I would put the Graphene 360 Extreme as the easiest to use, the Speed as requiring a little bit more and the Radical as racquet for more advanced players. The sweet spot is not huge, but the ball goes where you want it to if you play with proper technique and footwork. Yes, the MP will be easier to use, but the 98 sq inch head size asks a bit more from you than the 100 sq inch Speed, Instinct and Extreme lines. This makes me very curious about the update to the Prestige line. That will definitely be a players racquet!

HEAD Graphene 360 Radical Pro Racquet Review – Stroke by stroke

HEAD Graphene 360 Radical Pro Racquet Review

I think the HEAD Graphene 360 Radical Pro does most things well and nothing stands out. The racquets ask the question of the user. In the right hands, it can be a weapon. In the wrong hands, it can be a touch demanding. I think intermediate to advanced players should give this one a go if they’re looking for a solid racquet to work on their tennis with. String it low to open up some more power and spin and you have a really nice racquet on your hands.

If you want a bit more room for customization, the MP might be the way to go, but I felt the Pro did the job without requiring me to add lead tape to it. And if you want more weight, you can always go for the CAP grommets.

Just a few words on the different strokes.

Groundstrokes – This racquet puts the ball where you intend it to go. You don’t get a lot for free so if you are keen on improving your tennis, this can be a racquet to bring on your journey.

Volleys – Not a rock on off-center hits like many heavier frames, but good feel and stability.

Serves – I thought the Radical Pro came through the air nicely and gave a nice pop on serves. Not close to the Extreme, but with excellent precision.

Like I wrote above, I liked this racquet from everywhere on the court. It wasn’t the best anywhere, but I felt like I was in charge and that is a big plus for me.

HEAD Graphene 360 Radical Pro Racquet Review – Summary

HEAD Graphene 360 Radical Pro Racquet Review

HEAD has made a step in the right direction with the Graphene 360 series. I definitely feel these are the best Graphene racquets yet and the Radical Pro is no exception. They have finetuned the feel to be more precise and this is a really versatile racquet in the hands of the right player. On contact, I get nostalgic about the IG Radical series, but this one feels a bit better balanced overall.

With my transition to a semi-western grip, I felt like this racquet could help me groove into my new style of play in a good way. Comparing it to my love affair with the Clash, it is not as easy to use, but when the Clash launches the ball on flatter shots, I could return to this racquet and rely on it a hundred percent. So for advanced players looking for that special connection to the ball, give this one a shot.

HEAD Graphene 360 Radical Pro Racquet Review – Video


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Joakim April 30, 2019 - 12:29

Thanks Jonas,

I like the stability and plow of the XT version of the Head Radical Pro which I currently use most of the time. Also find it most excellent on serve. Have however ordered a Tecnifibre 305 after reading up on it, including your detailed and very informative review. But as I am currently based in Kenya I will need to wait till mid June to pick it up when I visit Sweden.

Just curious, how do you recon the new 360 Head Radical Pro compares to the Tecnifibre 305 – feel, swing weight and control wise?

I would assume the Radical gives a bit more pop and spin given the slightly more open string pattern… or?

Gianluca April 30, 2019 - 14:41

Hi Jonas, it seems that we both love the Clash Tour. I’m coming from a Pure Strike 16×19 and before the Radical Pro but the Clash Tour is definitely a fun racket. This new Radical seems a bit better than the previous ine but it still offers a limited sweetspot and a certain stiffness, in my view. Do you think this new radical can be taken into consideration after having tried and loved the Clash Tour? Thanks!! :)

Tennisnerd May 3, 2019 - 14:24

Hi Gianluca,
Yeah, the Clash Tour is a lot of fun. What would be ideal for my game is a mix between the Radical and the Clash Tour – perhaps the Clash 98 will do the trick!

The Radical is a nice racquet – the feel might not be for everyone but I do feel very much in control with it. But if I suffer from the “lazy feet syndrome”, the Clash Tour is easier to get good results with.

Cheers / Jonas

IL April 30, 2019 - 20:55

Great review.

I got back into tennis last year after a decade without almost any tennis. Currently, I am still playing with the old Head Prestige Tour 600 which I bought in 2001. Now it is about time to update the equipment. Do you know the release date of new Prestige line?

Tennisnerd May 3, 2019 - 14:23

Sadly, I don’t. But will meet with HEAD in a couple of weeks and see if I can find out and get back to you.

Jae May 4, 2019 - 02:57

Hi, Jonas

Thanks for all reviews you uploaded on youtube.

I am using rf97a with rpm blast and started having an arm issue. So i am thinking about to change to this new radical pro hoping to help me out. Are there any soft poly you can recommend me? Hyper G looks quite good to try on according to your review :D.

Tennisnerd May 5, 2019 - 07:30

Wow, RF97A with RPM Blast is a stiff setup. I liked this racquet with Solinco Tour Bite Soft. That offers good arm comfort.

Cheers / Jonas

PS. If you feel like my advice is really useful, please consider becoming a patron for $2 or more at patreon.com/tennisnerd .
You will get unique content and an often updated blog as a bonus. DS.

Ed Sakowicz May 12, 2019 - 15:42

Hi Jonas, Really enjoy the reviews and have a quick question. My friend, like you, is a very good player and loves the old Head Liquid metal Radical Tour. He needs new grommets, but can’t find them. Any ideas? Thanks, Ed

Tennisnerd May 14, 2019 - 12:45

Hi Ed,
I have two grommet sets for the Radical Tour. He can e-mail at tennisnerdnet@gmail.com

Regards / Jonas

Ronald May 24, 2019 - 18:32

Hi Jonas
I’ve been playing with a Prince 100p, 305g.
I love the control of this racquet, but sometimes I think that it doesn’t generate enouth spin.
Which racquet dou you recommend, one that give me the same level of control but with more spin ?

Tennisnerd May 25, 2019 - 06:10

The other Prince racquets are good options. Such as the Phantom Pro 100P. I am going to review the update to the Prince Textreme 100P soon as well. If you are open to going down in head size, the Prince Phantom Pro 93P with 14×18 sounds like a great option. Cheers / J

Van May 28, 2019 - 18:25

Hi Jonas:

I just started playing tennis again after a multi-multi-year break. When I was competitive, I used to play with the Pro Staff 6.1 classic and then the KFactor Blade 98.

I was inspired by your “Bumpy Road” series as I am also working on a new forehand/grip.

As start my journey to play competitive tennis again, I demo’d the Graphene 360 Speed Pro and liked it a lot. Specifically, the control the racquet gave me as I am learning how to play all over again.

Given that I liked the Speed Pro spec, I thought I should also test the Radical Pro and the Wilson Ultra Tour before making a decision.

My question(s) for you: (A) Do you agree these two racquets would be a good comp set for “control” sticks and (B) Any other racquets in this 98-100 head size that you would recommend I try?

Thanks – your website is fantastic!

Tennisnerd May 29, 2019 - 09:15

Hi Van,
Nice to hear you were inspired by my struggles :)

My answers:
A: Yes, I think those are all good choices.
B: I would throw in an Angell K7 lime or Angell TC 97 18×20 too if possible. I also think it would be interesting to demo the Clash Tour.

Good luck and thanks for the nice comment!

Regards / Jonas

Marcus June 1, 2019 - 21:01

Hello! Just wondering if these iterations still have the classic HEAD grip shape that has the longer sides than other brands?

Tennisnerd June 3, 2019 - 13:25

Hi, no they are moving to more rounded grip pallets for all their racquets.

Bruno Rodrigues August 15, 2019 - 03:17

Hi Jonas;

I’M Currently have the Graphene 360 Radical pro and i feel a lack of power. So i test it my friend Graphene touch Prestige Tour and felt exactly what i need and dont get it with the Radical Pro. Power! Do you think that would be a good decision switch to a Prestige Tour?

Thanks and congrats for the content!


Tennisnerd August 15, 2019 - 07:58

Yes, the Radical Pro is a bit low-powered and the Graphene Prestige Tour gives you more pop so go for that one then!

It is a nice racquet.

PS. If you feel like my advice is really useful, please consider becoming a patron for $2 at patreon.com/tennisnerd and get exclusive content every week. DS.Cheers / Jonas

Bobble September 15, 2019 - 13:58

So after all the demoing you’ve done this year, how would you rank the clash 98, blade 16 19, and radical pro? As a counterpuncher, I’ve found all to be great frames and have a hard time sticking with one.


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