Miomir Kecmanovic’s Racquet

by Jonas Eriksson

Miomir Kecmanovic is having the season of his life. He has a 22-9 record and is at a career-high #32. But what is Kecmanovic’s racquet?

Kecmanovic made the switch from Babolat ot Dunlop in 2021. He uses the Dunlop SX 300 (the 2020 version) strung with Dunlop Explosive Spin. It’s hard to say how much he customizes his Dunlop, but I am sure the specs are very similar to his Pure Aero Tour.

Kecmanovic’s racquet specs

You can find certain player specs via the popular pro stock racquet website prostocktennis.com and I managed to locate Kecmanovic’s old racquet there.

He used to play with a Babolat Pure Aero Tour 2016 at these strung specs:

Head size: 100 sq inches
Length: 27 in. / 68.6 cm
Weight: 11.9 oz. / 336 gr.
Balance: 323 mm (5 pts HL)
Swing weight = 334
Stiffness: 69
String pattern: 16×19
Grip: L2

Not outrageous specs for a player on the professional tour, especially when looking at the swing weight. It looks like he is playing close to a Pure Aero Tour in terms of weight and balance and swing weight.

It’s evident in pictures that he customizes his Dunlop SX 300 with strips of lead tape at the 3 and 9 position. The idea is to increase swing weight and stability.

What about the Dunlop SX series?

I review the older Dunlop SX series here.The first generation was softer and a bit less powerful. The new SX 2022 wasn’t a huge change (except that the Tour is now 98 sq inches) but the racquet’s maneuverability, stiffness and power level had increased slightly. I preferred the new SX Tour personally, but liked the older SX 300 quite a lot.

The SX is Dunlop’s spin series and it makes sense to go from a Babolat Pure Aero to a Dunlop SX if you’ve decided to change brands.

For spin and control racquets, check this post.

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