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New Racquets from ProKennex

by GP

ProKennex is one of the most arm-friendly brands out there thanks to their Kinetic technology. Here are some new racquets from ProKennex.

ProKennex is a smaller racquet brand with a distinct focus on arm comfort. Their Kinetic tech where microbeads are moving around inside the frame to reduce impact shock is highly innovative and is a reason that they offer perhaps the most arm-friendly racquets on the market. That being said, the feel, like with the Wilson Clash, is not for everyone. But it’s definitely a brand to keep your eyes on if you struggle with arm issues. Check out my video/post on the most arm-friendly racquets here. Let’s take a look at some of the new racquets from ProKennex.

New Racquets from ProKennex

The first racquet that caught my eye is the ProKennex Ki Black Ace Pro 305 (click the link to find out the exact specs at TW Europe). Higher swing weight, low sub-60 flex, 19.5 mm beam, 97 sq inch head size, and 16×19 string pattern. It looks like a racquet that’s almost tailored towards what I personally like. Will the low flex rating make it into a wet noodle? I hope to be able to test this racquet and find out.

ProKennex Ki Q+5 Pro 315

There is also the ProKennex Ki Q+5 Pro 315g (click the link to find out the exact specs at TW Europe). Beefy 334 SW, higher stiffness for more power, 100 sq inch head size, 16×20 string pattern, 21.5 mm beam. An interesting spec for baseliners looking for extra power, but with a bit more directional control from the 16×20 string pattern.

There are also, 305, 300, and 280-gram versions of this model. You can check them out on the ProKennex page at Tennis Warehouse Europe.

ProKennex Ki Q+15 Pro

ProKennex also launches an oversized Ki Q+ Pro called the ProKennex Ki Q+15 Pro 305. 105 sq inches, 72 RA strung, 335 swing weight, 26 mm beam, 69.8 cm length (slightly longer) and 16×19 string pattern. This racquet is a BEAST if you look at the specs. Might be tricky to control, but I haven’t tried it so I can’t say for sure. If you need help with pace – this one is worth considering.

For advanced players looking for more control-oriented racquets, the Tour Pro racquets are the way to go.

The ProKennex Ki Q+ Tour Pro 325 is the model that Andreas Seppi endorses. Heavy static weight, 330 swing weight, thin 20.3 mm beam (thicker than the previous version though), 62 stiffness strung, and 18×20 string pattern. Here you need to provide your own power, but if you enjoy that kind of response – it’s an interesting frame for sure.

The ProKennex Tour Pro series also offer a 315g (16×19) and a 300g version.

Have you tried a ProKennex racquet? What are your thoughts on their feel and arm-friendly tech?

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