Jannik Sinner’s Racquet

by Jonas Eriksson

Updated May 2024

I’ve gotten a lot of questions about Jannik Sinner’s racquet. Is it a Speed MP? A pro? A new or an old model?

As you might know, many pros use a different model to what they endorse. It makes no sense for a tennis player to change his or her racquets every time a new model comes out. So the tennis brands paint them in the same paint job of the latest model, while it is really their old racquet underneath. You can read more about pro player racquets here. Jannik Sinner’s racquet is a HEAD Speed MP Auxetic according to the paint, but what is actually underneath is a customized HEAD TGT 301.4.

You can find the retail HEAD Speed MP 2024 version on Tennis Warehouse, Tennis Warehouse Europe (use the code TNERD10 to get 10% off on any gear purchase) and Tennis Only.

What does this pro stock code mean? It’s the code for a HEAD Graphene Touch Speed MP. Sinner has it customized to the following specs according to pro stock racquet guru dr325i from the TW forums. It was shared by prospectcustomization on their Instagram account.

Jannik Sinner’s Racquet Specs

Sinner has added weight to his TGT 301.4 to get it up to the following strung specs: 325g, 33.3 cm balance and 340 SW. That’s a pretty low static weight for a pro, but with some weight in the head to bring up the swing weight and get more power and stability.

Sinner uses a full bed of HEAD Hawk Touch at a pretty high tension around 28 kg or 61 lbs. It’s similar to what Stan Wawrinka uses and allows the player a lot of control on big swings. For club players, I would never recommend such a high tension unless you are using a multifilament string. A full bed of poly at a high tension can create arm issues.

sinner wins miami open
Sinner with his HEAD racquet.

If you want to find out more about racquets and strings and pro player setups, check out the Tennisnerd Guide to Racquets and Strings.

What do you think of Jannik Sinner? How many Grand Slams can he win?

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Luis Manuel Peña Ochoa October 3, 2020 - 23:22

Relatively new racquet, makes sense. Thought he was using something like a Prestige mold, since he is a big hitter.

David October 4, 2020 - 19:08

Great! I have 8 of them. Stocked up when the 360 model came out. Such a great stick (don’t agree with Tennis Warehouse review). So easy to swing and take the ball early so effortlessly. Great feel, power and spin. I added a leather grip.

Daniel Blackledge April 14, 2022 - 19:02

I sympathize greatly with Jannik Sinner for having painful blisters during Miami Open and again in Monte Carlo. I notice his socks are not “Thorlo” socks. If he would get some Thorlo tennis socks, I know from personal experience they prevent blisters by having double thick material under the toes and heel of the sock. Perhaps this can be passed along to Jannik. I’m an old 4.0 level Club Player who never had blister problems again after finding Thorlo socks.

Daniel Blackledge, Petal, Mississippi

Arrie May 4, 2024 - 19:58

Which gauge did he use?


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