Kevin Anderson’s Racquet

by Jonas Eriksson

Kevin Anderson is one of those dangerous players on the ATP tour that flies under the radar. He also sports a little known tennis brand – Srixon. What racquet does he use?

I have previously written about Srixon racquets in a post about Aga Radwanska’s racquet and Michael Chang’s racquet, but haven’t looked more closely into Kevin Anderson’s Srixon Revo 2.0 CV Tour Ltd. 

If you want to know what racquets other ATP Tour pro’s are using, I suggest you check out my list of player articles called “Racquets of the ATP professionals”. If you would like to know a setup of a certain player, don’t hesitate to comment on any of the posts and I’ll try my best to find out and inform.

It’s not easy to find Srixon racquets in the shops since the brand is Japanese and has been directed mainly towards the Asian market. However, some months ago Sports Direct International sold their brand Dunlop to Srixon and that’s why we might see Srixon Dunlop racquets appearing in US and Europe stores shortly. Let’s hope they do, because these racquets seem like high quality products, much like the old Dunlop line of racquets.

Anderson is doing well. He is now ready the 4th round in the US Open after defeating Borna Coric in straight sets. I didn’t see this coming in my US Open Day 5 predictions but Anderson is a solid performer who puts in a good performance every single time he steps on the court.

Anderson was previously a HEAD Prestige user, but is now playing a leaded up Srixon Revo 2.0 CX Tour Ltd. As you can see in the pictures below he adds lead tape at 10 and 12 in his racquet. According to Prostringing he strings his racquet with a typical ATP level hybrid with Babolat VS Team 17 (1.25) in the mains and Luxilon Big Banger Alu Power 17 (1.25) in the crosses, both at 47 lbs (21,5 kg).

This gives him a setup that has a nice pocketing feel and is better for the arm than a full bed of poly strings. It’s amazing how many pro players use a hybrid with natural gut, but sadly it’s quite expensive for most recreational players to use. You should definitely try it once however, because it is quite a unique feel. There various pre-packaged hybrid sets you can buy as well like the Wilson’s Champion’s Choice or the Babolat RPM Blast and VS Team hybrid set.

I don’t know the exact specs of Kevin Anderson’s racquet, but I’m sure there is silicone in the handle, a leather grip and as you can see in the pictures, some lead in the head. My guess is that he plays with a rather heavy racquet, definitely more than 350 grams after modification.

Here are the original specs of Kevin Anderson’s frame before customization:

  • Color: Sharp Gray (Product code: SR21701)
  • 95 sq inches
  • 27 inch length
  • Materials: Graphite, High-elasticity graphite, High-modulus graphite, Dipolgy® epoxy resin, High-resilience silicon
  • Average weight: 315 g (frame only)
  • Grip size: 2, 3
  • String pattern: Main 18 x Cross 20
  • Recommended tension: 45 – 60 lbs.
  • * SONY Smart Tennis Sensor compatible racket.
  • * Not usable for soft tennis.
  • * String not included (unstrung).

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