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Diadem Elevate V3 Review

by Jonas Eriksson

Diadem is an up-and-coming American brand. I reviewed a few of their racquets earlier. Now it’s time for the Diadem Elevate V3 Review.

Diadem Elevate V3 Review

Diadem was founded in 2015 and is headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. I sat down (on Zoom) with one of the founders, Evan Specht, to talk about the growth of the company and the new Diadem Elevate V3. You can listen to our podcast below. The video review is coming later tonight, CET.

The Diadem Elevate is a control-oriented racquet for intermediate to advanced players who can generate their own power. Their third generation includes Kraibon (HEAD used this material in the Graphene Touch racquets, for example), which is supposed to increase flexibility and stability without sacrificing power. The Elevate also comes with high-density foam and HMT carbon.

You can check out the specs of the Diadem Elevate V3 below.

Specs of Diadem Elevate V3

HEAD SIZE 98 sq in / 632 cm
UNSTRUNG WEIGHT 10.8 oz / 305g
UNSTRUNG BALANCE 7 pts HL / 320 mm
LENGTH 27 in / 68.58 cm
STRING PATTERN 16 Mains / 20 Crosses

Mains Skip: 7T, 9T, 10T, 7H, 9H

BEAM 21.5 mm Flat Beam
GRIP SIZES 4 1/8 (L1) – 4 1/2 (L4)

There is nothing really new about the specs. This makes the Elevate a sold competitor to the Wilson Blade and the HEAD Radical or Tecnifibre TF40.

How does it play?

The Diadem Elevate has been a solid performer since its release. V3 is a solid evolution of the line. It feels softer, perhaps thanks to the Kraibon. The feeling is “plush”, which I think most players will enjoy. It’s not a power or spin line like the Nova, so this is for players who like to generate their own power.

But the V3 does perhaps play a tad more powerful than V2. At least that’s how it felt like.

The Elevate is, simply put, a really nice stick. I think many players who are looking for control and feel can enjoy this frame. It does most things well. Solid on volleys, can create a penetrating slice, decent on serve. It’s not a spin monster like an Aero 98 or Extreme Tour, but that is not what it is supposed to be. It’s a very solid control racquet that can compete with the best.

I tested this racquet with Solinco Hyper-G Soft 1.25 at 51 lbs / 23 kg.


If you want a lighter control frame, consider this alongside the racquets I mentioned. This has a softer feel than the Radical, more similar to the Blade. The power level is somewhere in between Blade and TF40, but you can always dial the power a bit with the customization and stringing.

My only real knock on the frame is that it sometimes feels a bit dampened/muted. Kind of similar to the new Yonex VCORE racquets in feel. But it didn’t concern me while playing points, so it’s more a matter of taste.

I think there is a lot to like here for intermediate to advanced players. And the racquet also looks great, which I think will convince many players to try it.

Let me know what you think about the new Diadem Elevate V3 below.

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ATCBO May 29, 2023 - 18:56

I like this review

Philanthropenos December 7, 2023 - 19:03

I am looking for a replacement of Head LM Radical mp. How close is Diadem to it? Are there better candidates than Diadem Elevate in that respect?

Tenniswithandy December 31, 2023 - 05:15

The diadem is going to be a bit more powerful than your Liquid Metal mp. They are both soft feeling frames, the diadem is more suited for flatter strokes.


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