TenX Xstrike

by Jonas Eriksson

I have received two demos of the new TenX Xstrike racquets. You might remember the Aussie-based brand from my Xcalibre review a while back…

The Xcalibre were slightly extended control-oriented racquets, while the TenX Xstrike is more about power and spin. It’s a more flexible version of a Pure Drive with a listed stiffness rating of 66 (when you string it, it drops to 63). I have two Xstrike racquets for review, one 300 gram version, and one 315 gram version.

So far, I have only tested the 300 gram version. It was a little bit over spec at 308 grams and 299.5 SW and when I strung it up with TenX Atomic Force string (their own 1.23 gauge polyester string), it got up to 324.5g, 33.3 cm balance, and 331 SW. Nice and beefy and quite close to the Pure Drive (click to read my review) I recently reviewed.

Like the Pure Drive, the TenX does give you free power, but the lower stiffness rating makes it easier to control and gives it a little better feel in my opinion. It reminds me of the first edition of Pure Drive, which Fabio Fognini still uses under various paint jobs.

The marketing text for the TenX Xstrike read: XSTRIKE delivers outstanding controlled power, custom feel and spin generation. Superior racquet playability and arm comfort were key design criteria and were successfully achieved by incorporating “advanced uniform racquet flex” and a “large responsive sweet spot”. Players of all levels can enjoy the benefits of this game-changing-racquet range which was made possible by TENX exclusive “Uniflex TM Technology”.

TenX Xstrike specs and tech

The TenX Xstrike comes with the TenX Uniflex technology, which means the frame flexes uniformly. It has a pretty thick beam that translates into power, but the lower flex for this category of racquets makes it pretty plush. I especially enjoyed it on touch volleys.

Technology: Uniflex Technology (delivering enhanced uniform frame flex)
String Pattern: 16 x 19
Head Size: 100 sq inches
Frame Length: 27 inches
Frame Profile: 23.25mm/26.25 mm
Frame Stiffness: 66 RA
Neck: Cylindrical
Composition: Carbon / Carbon Fibre
Balance point: 6 pts HL (on mine, not sure about listed or average)
Swing weight: 300 (on mine, not sure about listed or average)
String Tension: 45 to 55 pounds recommended
Weight: 300g (+-4.4g)
Grips: 2,3,4
Weight options: 270, 285, 300, 315g

How does it play?

I have used the TenX Xstrike 300 for a couple of hours and it’s been really enjoyable. Lots of power despite the lower flex, very stable and with some nice touch at the net. So if you want some free pop but without troubling your arm, this racquet is definitely worth checking out. I prefer it over the Pure Drive 2021 for its more comfortable and plusher feel.

I will need more time to form a clear opinion and to make a full-scale review, but my first impressions are definitely positive. I enjoy seeing softer frames in the power category like the Clash and the Speed MP which doesn’t wreck your arm but still gives you plenty of power and spin. Not everyone struggles with arm issues and I rarely have issues myself, but I know many players that do and I think the more arm-friendly racquets in the market the better.

Some quick pros and cons 

+ Nice power and spin
+ Solid and stable
+ Softer than most “tweeners”
– The thick beam is not that easy to manuever
– Not for players looking for control

I hope to share some more sophisticated thoughts with you soon. But definitely worth checking out if you want a power racquet with medium stiffness.

Have you tried the TenX Xstrike?

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Nico November 1, 2020 - 19:24

This or Speed 360+ mp.
What would you pick?

Victor February 19, 2021 - 00:34

Hi Jonas,

I saw that you are demoing this racquet using Tenx’s Atomic Force string. How do you like it? What is a comparable string?


TN February 19, 2021 - 07:04

Hi Victor,
It’s a nice string, feels quite similar to MSV Co-Focux Hex to me.

Cheers / J


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