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The Best Oversize Racquets

by Jonas Eriksson

Here are my favorite oversize racquets. But for SEO purposes, let’s say “The Best Oversize racquets”. It’s obviously a personal opinion :)

The Best Oversize racquets in my book are racquets that are not “very oversized”. In my definition an oversize racquet is anything above 100 sq inches (which is kind of mid-plus racquets), but that might have changed now as racquets are getting bigger overall. 98 to 100 sq inches is still the one you will see used by the majority of players at your local club.

There are obviously more crazy racquets like the Gamma Big Bubba, which I mentioned in my post Racquets for beginners. Most brands offer oversize racquets going up to 110-115 sq inches, which is fine for beginners, but I think as you improve, you might want something a little closer to the 100 sq inch mark to improve maneuverability and control.

The Best Oversize Racquets in my opinion

I have three racquets I have tested recently that have taken me by surprise with their playability, control, feel and power level. Just well-balanced overall when you usually expect a “rocket launcher” from head sizes over 100 sq inches.

I should also mention the Dunlop CX 200 OS, which I haven’t tried, but comes recommended by many. It also has a similar spec range to the racquets I mention.

Wilson Blade V8 104

A slightly longer frame at 27.5 inches but maintains maneuverability thanks to a low static weight and swing weight. Low stiffness also which makes it arm-friendly, but not anemic or lacking power. I used this racquet with a poly/poly hybrid (Alu Power and Element), but you can go for a multifilament string if you need more help with depth and even better comfort.

Great frame! Check out my review here.

HEAD Gravity S

Another frame with a low stiffness but good access to power and spin. The Gravity line is focused on control, but this one offers more power thanks to its thicker beam. Still, not a Pure Drive, but a well balanced racquet.

Check out my review.

Donnay Allwood Unibody

All these racquets have a lower stiffness rating than average, but the Allwood goes all the way down to 50 to mimic the flexible response of wood (hence the name). It’s still a powerful and relatively stable frame that offers nice top spin potential and decent control thanks to its 22 mm beam and flexible response.

Check out my review


Who are these racquets for then? Well, the beauty of them is that they work well from beginners up to the higher intermediate level (and even advanced with some customization). I rather see beginners start with something like these oversize racquets than go for a something that won’t last them beyond a certain level.

If you’re interested in buying any of these racquets, please check out my affiliates Tennis Warehouse, Tennis Warehouse Europe and Tennis Only.

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Woz January 24, 2022 - 12:44

I play with the Prince Phantom 107g. Great racquet!

Thomas January 24, 2022 - 18:48

So interesting you should do a thing on OS racquets. Just modified a Head Intelligence iRadical Oversize. Specs all in with Silicone in the handle and lead, dampener and over grip it’s 343g with a 31cm (10pts) HL. Strung with Gut in the mains at 62, Ultra cable(Extremely soft poly) in the crosses at 59. Plays stable, controlled with a very predictable launch angle which the 18×19 pattern helps with and the spin window is tremendous. Pop is there if I ask and serves great. Might even consider taking the 4g of lead at 10&2 off and just keep the 4 grams at 10& 2. Saw you have the MP version in your bag. Thanks for your blogs!!! At my club people are always saying(Sarcastically) Now what are you playing with? Your blog is made for people like me. TW should have you as a permanent racquet tester, your always spot on.
Tom in Asheville N.C. (USA)

TN January 25, 2022 - 10:41

Hi Tom, nice setup! Appreciate the comment :) Cheers / J

Jocko May 20, 2022 - 18:16

Jonas…do you have any thoughts on the Angell 105?

I play with the K7 Red and it’s terrific…but as I am 5’6” and 70 yrs. of age fades in the distance, (and I find myself playing more & more doubles) I now often think of trying to make things a bit ‘easier’…

But then I think “at what risk”?

I value your judgement and wonder if you can comment…

Thanks much!

Leonard May 24, 2023 - 13:12

Hello I’m unfortunately 75 years old but fortunately still play at a good club level. I purchased an ezone 105 hoping it would help in my movement on court, I’ve given it about 20+ hours of play time but I still can’t get used to the feel of the racket and nearly always go back to my prince tour 100 t where I feel I have my game back. I do feel that the ezone is a bit light in the head for me. ????help

TN May 24, 2023 - 14:15

Sometimes it is tough to get used to a new racquet. What was wrong with the Prince Tour 100T? Maybe you can try adding a bit of lead tape to the Ezone 100 to get more weight in the head?

Mark Dinh February 1, 2024 - 18:19

I made the switch a few years back to the Bubba 117. Racket journey: nCode 90 for 10+ years -> Babolat Pure Storm (5+ years) -> Yonex eZone DR 98 (2+ years) -> Bubba 117. This was mostly due to elbow/wrist pain. With strings, I went from full poly to poly(m)/gut(c) to gut(m)/poly(c) to multi(m)/poly(c) to full multi. Lol, I’m on my way to pickleball at some point! I definitely lost spin and control, but playing pain free and with more help on the tougher shots has made a big difference in my enjoyment and maybe my skill level too. I’m a avg to above avg 4.5 USTA player in Northern California.


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