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What is Your Racquet? Daniel Rutkowski

by Jonas Eriksson

I am testing a new format on Tennisnerd called “What is your racquet?” The idea is for players to share their racquet specs and look at why they chose them. First up, Daniel Rutkowski.

If you would like to feature your racquet and why you chose it on “What is your racquet”. Please write to me about your racquet and include pics and specs and I will post it on Tennisnerd. You can send an e-mail to tennisnerd.net@gmail.com.

In the video below, Daniel Rutkowski talks about his Prince Phantom Pro 93P 18×20 (read my review) that he has extended thanks to Ring Roll, he has also added an overgrip and 1 gram of lead tape at 3 and 9. This brings his racquet up to unstrung specs of 331 grams unstrung, 31 cm balance, 70 cm long (27.5 inches) and a swing weight of 316. When you add strings you will get something like 347 grams, 32 cm balance and 345 swing weight.

Daniel strings his racquet with Kirschbaum SuperSmash Orange at 23 kg (51 lbs).

The racquet should fit your style and level

Ring Roll customization sticker

Daniel was a talented junior player and in the video, you can see that he has an advanced game. He can generate a lot of pace on his own and wants a control-oriented racquet that allows him to swing out without missing. He plays an aggressive game where he likes to get to the net to finish the point.

Since he is not tall by tennis player standards, the extended length allows him to get a higher contact point on his serve. This is something a lot of shorter players on tour prefers. Playing with an extended length racquet can be somewhat challenging at first and I struggled to groove with his racquet despite usually loving the 93P.

This shows how personal a racquet setup can be. Don’t copy the pros, but find a racquet that works for YOUR game. Then you can experiment with strings, lead tape, and other customizations until you have setup you can commit to.


Daniel was nice enough to pose in a Tennisnerd tee. Do you want one to show your true love for tennis?

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