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Ivan Lendl Gets Signature String with One Strings

by TN

A few years ago I met One Strings in Bergamo, Italy when they released their new line of tennis racquets and strings. I haven’t heard from them in a while, but today they informed me about new Ivan Lendl signature string.

Below is the press release. And here are my previous articles about One Strings:

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December 19, 2017: Ivan Lendl, the 8 time Grand Slam champion, and One Strings, the Italian string manufacturer, announced today that they have entered into a long term agreement for the production and distribution of two Ivan Lendl model string sets for the worldwide tennis audience. Product will be available in the first quarter of 2018.

“I am really happy to be working with One Strings” said Lendl who is considered one of the most astute analysts in the sport. “They are working with the latest technology to create product to help everyone’s game.”

“The addition of Ivan Lendl, one of the greatest players tennis has ever seen, to our staff is an important step for One Strings” said Company President Sergio Bonami. “We look forward to working with Ivan to bring innovative product to the market.”

Lendl had one of the greatest careers in the history of tennis ending the year 5 times as world #1 while winning 94 ATP events. Most recently Ivan coached Andy Murray to three Grand Slam victories, two Olympic Gold medals and the #1 ranking. He currently is working with the United States Tennis Association’s Player Development program.

One Strings is one of the fastest growing companies in the tennis industry with a complete range of products which can be seen at onestrings.com.


For more information contact:
About Ivan Lendl: Jerry Solomon, StarGames; jerry@stargamesinc.com
About One Strings: Sergio Bonami; info@onestrings.com.

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