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Pro player strings from Atlanta ATP

by Jonas Eriksson

Thanks to fellow tennis nerds on Instagram, I get information about pro player strings, racquets and tensions. These are the strings/tensions from Atlanta ATP.

What can we learn from pro player strings and tensions? Well, it shows us how different players and their tastes are. There are no cookie cutter setups. You need to play with what works for you. Some players love powerful frames and high tensions, some use controlled racquets with low tensions, but we also see powerful frames and low tensions and control racquets with high tensions. You will see a little bit of everything even among the pros.

Pro Players Strings Atlanta Open

I received the attached image from several people on Instagram and from what I heard it was shared on Facebook. Many of these are known, but some of them are more new to me. I didn’t know that John Isner strung his Prince Beast LB at 35 lbs! When there is a K next to the numbers, that means that number is listed in kilos.Ilya Ivashka uses the a PT57A and strings it with Alu Power Rough at 26 kg in the mains and 25 kg in the crosses, for example.

As you can see, natural gut strings are still popular among the pros in hybrid setups (a different main string and a different cross string).

I was surprised to see John Millman use a poly at 66 lbs! And I also found Marcelo Melo’s gut hybrid at 18.5 kg very low for a hybrid setup.

Don’t look too much at the racquet list. These are just what the racquets looks like and doesn’t tell the whole story. As you might know, many pro player racquets are painted to look like new versions, but are really older racquets or pro stock frames.

Some racquets are listed down wrongly. Alexei Popyrin does not use a Dunlop FX 500, for example.

Is there anything specific on the list that surprised you? 

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Vicente July 30, 2022 - 17:25

Yeah gotta take that with a grain of salt. Similar to the errors you picked up, Tommy Paul does not use any RPM product on mains (there are no RPM grey strings) looks like ALU Power to me.


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