L-Tec Premium Meteor Pro Strings Review

by Konstantinos Kalfountzos
blade racquet

I have been playing this string for more than a year now in both the 1.20 and 1.25 gauge. First, playing at a lower level and using the Diadem Elevate V3 FS98 (1.25 gauge) and the Pro Kennex Ki5 295 (1.20 gauge) at low 20s. During the month of April of 2024, I revisited it using a go-to-frame for me nowadays, the Wilson Blade V5 16×19 at my usual 22-23kg tension range.

I would put Meteor Pro 1.25 in the medium to semi-stiff Stiffness rating area. Some strings feel completely unplayable under a certain level of hitting which is totally acceptable as you get the sensation they’re aimed for more advanced hitting.

The Power delivery was there when I took full and mostly flat swings, but it would not provide any free power. That’s most of the time a very welcomed feature, as too comfortable/soft strings tend to “fly” on me with 98 sq inch rackets, so I can’t imagine using them with typical, stiff tweeners! This one can be easily used in more powerful rackets like the Diadem Elevate and the Pro Kennex Ki5 295 are less powerful and responsive than this Blade in the 1.20 gauge.


In my experience, its standout feature was the playability stability. It did everything way above average for longer than most tennis strings do. I’m talking about that 6th-8th hour mark when most strings start to fall off the playability cliff. Meteor Pro 1.25 lasted me more than that, getting it out of my bag and hitting mostly groundstrokes during my typical 1.5 hour practice sessions in-between other setups. Not for one moment did I feel something wrong going on with the stringbed’s responsiveness and the adjusting period was only a couple of minutes.

I have to say, I’m getting more top-spin assistance with another string I’m currently playing on the Blade, but this one was not very far off, but it plays more like a round-shaped string than a sharp 6-sided one, so it was more trustworthy on those aggressive flat strokes from the mid-court whereas with a shaped string I feel it’s safer to hit these shots with top-spin.

Notching on the crosses was less than usual and snapback holding on pretty well.


1) The naming of the lineup is a bit confusing.

2) The price tag places it in the premium range, something that may give intermediates second thoughts. Very advanced players should give this one a try though side-by-side with their current go-to-string. They may find it performs better for longer and make-up in the long run.

Summary of the L-Tec Premium Meteor Pro

April – early June has been a period of trying several strings. Most of them were boring to say the least. Only a few stood out and Meteor Pro was surely one of them. Last but not least, L-Tec Premium have recently released an “eco string” called White Pearl that is very slightly oval-shaped and comes in two gauges. I’ve been hitting with it and still am, parallel to 2 Head “eco strings”. A comparison between these and Isospeed Second Service may be complete during the Summer.

* Reference string for the Blade was Luxilon Alu Power 1.25, same 22-23kg tension range.

L-Tec Premium website:

Meteor Pro – L-TEC PREMIUM

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