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Improve your tennis fitness

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Improve your tennis fitness - Lleyton Hewitt

If you are really serious about achieving better results on the court you likely need to improve your tennis fitness. Although I have always been “relatively” fit, I have never been focused on being faster and stronger on the tennis court. This is now changing.

I am an ambitious guy and I love tennis with a passion. Still, my results on the court are not always consistent and have become a source of frustration at times. That is why I have made a promise to myself to improve my tennis fitness. I am following a program called the Martin Method and I am already seeing some progress. I have noticed that having a clear idea of what exercises can bring me better results on the court, is crucial. So if you want to improve your tennis fitness, I recommend you to do the same.

What I am doing currently is working on my speed, agility, and power. It is not always easy to put in the work, but if you want to see a change, there are simply no short cuts. One way to do it, especially if you are a procrastinator like me, is to arrive early to the court and make sure you do a proper warm-up and get going with some exercises. This will leave you less vulnerable to injuries and make you feel invigorated and ready to go when the tennis training starts. So if you want to improve your tennis, I really recommend checking out the Martin Method.

Improve your tennis fitness – The Martin Method

Improve your tennis fitness - Navratilova

I like the structured and professional setup of the Martin Method that I am currently working with. You get everything you need to get started in one place. I am sure you have some questions, so please have a look at the Q&A below.

  1. Who are these tennis exercises for? Our answer was simple “Any tennis player that wants to have a go” This was challenging. Meeting the needs of different age brackets and playing levels tested us. We got it done.
  2. What are these exercises supposed to do? For years we have been hearing the same messages – “I need help with my court movement and power” It is a common issue for many players. The aim of the program is to improve a player's speed, agility, change of direction (COD), braking abilities and power transfer. Improvements in these areas lead to enhanced court movement and power. We guarantee it.
  3. Is there a transfer? Transfer to court play? It is important when designing programs to remember what outcome we are chasing. When working out the exercises, variables and intensity levels for this program, we made sure that combined they would all lead to specific improvements for court play. This is not just about choosing the right exercises, it is about having the right sets, repetitions, rest and intensity levels. This is how we made the program highly effective.

Improve your tennis fitness – The various different programs: Juniors and Seniors

Improving my tennis fitness - Martin Method

Like, I mentioned, there are various different programs to choose from when it comes to the Martin Method. I have signed up for Speed Agility and Power and High-Performance Strength and Conditioning. Below will give you an overview of them all:

Junior Strength Development – This is for young players wanting to build up their strength development the correct way. Learn the basics of movement. Use body weight exercises and learn how to progress to lifting weights. 3 levels of progression.

Get a closer look at the Junior Strength program

Improve your tennis fitness

Junior Strength & Conditioning – This program is specifically designed for young players that have a basic strength foundation. It covers -Strength (using resistance bands), speed, agility, power, core, serve and endurance. Players also receive warm up and recovery programs.

Get a closer look at the Junior Strength and Conditioning program

Improve your tennis fitness - Senior Strength

Senior Strength & Conditioning – This program is designed for the mature athlete. It is low impact and targets all the areas older athletes need to focus on – Strength, flexibility and movement. It also includes the Yoga and Injury Prevention Program

Check out the Senior Strength and Conditioning Program

Improve your tennis fitness – The various different programs: Juniors and Seniors

Social Strength & Conditioning – This program is for social players. It has on-court and off court strength programs, as well as speed, agility, footwork, core and endurance programs. It is designed to get players moving better and feeling better. There are two strength programs, on-court and off-court.

Link to the Social Strength and Conditioning Program

High-Performance Strength & Conditioning – Our most detailed and in-depth program. This program is designed for high-end athletes or aspiring athletes. It encompasses all the necessary exercises and programs needed to get players reaching their true potential. With detailed exercises and programming, combined with periodized planning. Players will find themselves training like a professional athlete.

Check out the High-Performance Strength and Conditioning program

Yoga and Injury Prevention – This tennis specific yoga program is for any player wanting to improve their flexibility and mobility. Easy to follow and effective. It can also be used for players coming back from injury.

Check out the Yoga and Injury Prevention Program

Agility, Speed and Power – Our newest 6 week program, designed for players that want to improve their court movement. Move faster, brake better and change direction easier. For those that need to get more power in their groundstrokes and serve. (Downloadable, Yours Forever,? For All Ages & Levels, ?30-40min Workouts,? ?No Gym Required,? ?Easy to Follow, Fast Results)

Check out the Agility, Speed and Power program

Improve your tennis fitness – The Warm-Up


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