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Warming up for tennis

by TN
Warming up for tennis

Warming up for tennis is the key to avoiding injuries and become a more agile and better-prepared tennis player. I have been following the warm-up advice of the Martin Method and wanted to share some info with you about how I try to do it.

According to Nathan Martin of the Martin Fitness Method, there is nothing more important than an effective pre-match tennis warm up. It not only prepares your body for competition but also reduces the risk of tennis injury and helps to get you mentally ready too. Warming up for tennis is simply essential for taking your game and your body seriously.

Below, Martin lists five steps to achieve an effective tennis warm-up and you will also be able to watch the video.

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Warming up for tennis – 5 Steps to an effective tennis warm-up

Warming up for tennis

If you are intent on properly warming up for tennis you need to make sure to get a couple of minutes in of either skipping or running (forward, backward and lateral). The idea is to boost your heart rate and circulation so start slow and then increase intensity. Steffi Graf was a big advocate for skipping as a warm-up during her career.

Skipping tips – Some other tips that will help you get the most from skipping: – Stand straight, without leaning forward as you skip. – Keep elbows at waist level, tucked as tightly as possible. – Your skipping rope should be taught. – Skip fast enough for your rope not to become tangled. – Jump on the balls of your feet and land softly.

Range of movement exercises can be seen as an active stretch or loosening up of the body. They open up the “chain of movement” rather than isolating a specific area or muscle, which is especially important in a sport such as tennis with multi-directional ranges and loading patterns.

Implementing some simple foam roller exercises and stretches for tennis, can all help elongate muscles and open joints up for correct movement patterns. To avoid any injuries it is imperative you have a good range of motion throughout all joints, as this will help with creating power throughout your shots.

Warming up for tennis - foam rolling

Most people have muscle imbalances or potential instability issues around certain joints, so it is important to stimulate the correct muscles and encourage them to work. Some players may look at activating their core or gluteals, whilst others will look at performing some rotator cuff resistance band exercises. If you know you have a specific problem area, it is good to focus on that.

Shadowing mimics the movements that would be performed on the court. It will fire up your body by following specific tennis movement patterns. Perform tennis shadowing for three minutes, alternating between forehands, backhands, overhead or smash and volleys. The intensity of the shadowing should increase with each minute, so by the time you have finished you are not only physically prepared but also mentally ready for the first point when you step on the court. You see a lot of top coaches do this with their players. Fabio Fognini’s training regime with his fitness coach Duglas Cordero is a great example.

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Warming up for tennis – Warm-up video

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Do you warm up properly for tennis or do you just lace up the shoes and go? Let me know in the comments below!


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