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Improve your one-handed backhand

by Jonas Eriksson

Since the fixing your forehand video was well received, we did one on the one-handed backhand. How to improve your one-handed backhand.

The one-handed backhand

Many club players, including myself, struggle with the one-handed backhand. It feels like a complicated stroke with many moving parts, but once you get some fundamentals down, it’s not that difficult to improve your one-handed backhand. But you need to be patient because if you’re like me and have some bad habits built in, they can take a while to fix. You just need to focus on it and not give up if it feels frustrating.

In the video below, my friend Nikki Roenn gives some tips on how he hits his backhand so cleanly and what I can to improve my one-handed backhand. Nikki and I will create more coaching content in the future, so we’re keen to know what areas you’re struggling with.

Watch the video

Many online lessons do not have a student in them, but we believe it’s useful to be able to see closely what issues a club players struggles with. I left tennis as a kid and came back in my 20s and to play once or twice a week. In the last couple of years, as my tennis interest has increased, I am playing a lot more. Playing four times a week on average have raised my game, but there are still several technical issues that I need to resolve to steadily keep improving. That’s what I’m trying to do with this content.

I’m lucky to have friends like Karl (fix your footwork, shot selection), Nikki (who runs Unstrung Customs) and a few other coaches whose content is yet to come, to help me illustrate and try to solve some of my technical flaws.

But maybe you struggle with other things than I do? Please let us know in the comments below.

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