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Let’s solve your issues (well not all of them, that’s impossible!:)). Here are 5 typical racquet problems and solutions.

You can usually solve these issues by improving your technique and physical ability, but the racquet setup also makes a difference. And thus we look at 5 typical racquet problems and solutions.

Problem 1:
You lack power

This is a very common problem. Especially these days. It’s probably the one I hear the most in my racquet consultations.


Add weight
You can add weight to the racquet by using lead tape or tungsten tape. Apply it at 12 in the racquet head for the most power. Just a couple of grams can go a long way, so don’t overdo it.

Reduce the string tension
Increasing the tension will give you more control. A lower tension will soften the string bed, give you better comfort and easier depth. Try it!

Get a racquet with higher stiffness, higher swing weight, or bigger head size. These are the top factors for added power.

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You lack stability

I also hear this a lot. Please remember that this might be due to you hitting the ball slightly off the center, so working on your timing and hitting the ball in front might help you.


Adding weight is your friend. Add it to the racquet head for the most effect. For example, the 3 and 9 positions will increase the twist weight.

Or get a heavier racquet.

You lack maneuverability


Get a lighter racquet (lower swing weight).

Get a more head-light racquet (balance towards the handle).

Use thinner strings. A thinner gauge of strings will reduce swing weight

Your racquet bothers your elbow


Change to a softer string setup – using either a thinner gauge or a softer polyester. Or if you’d rather be safe than sorry – a multifilament, gut, or synthetic gut string.

Get a racquet with a lower RA rating (stiffness). Check out my posts and videos about comfortable racquets for suitable options.

Check out my post about comfortable racquets.

You don’t have enough control


Get a more control-oriented string like a polyester string or a thicker gauge of string.

Increase the string tension.

Look for a racquet with a smaller head size or lower stiffness.

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You don’t get enough spin


Change your string to a more shaped string. Twisted and shaped strings usually help produce more spin.

Lower string tension. Some say it doesn’t impact spin, but in my experience, it does help a bit.

Get a racquet with a more open string pattern to increase string movement.

Buy a more aero-dynamic racquet focused on topspin. Many of them use a beam designed focused on the windshield wiper swing. Other standard features are spin grommets or O-ports for more string movement.

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I hope these proposed solutions can help you get more in tune with your racquet or find a better one for your game. I would not advise any drastic changes. You can achieve a lot with small tweaks. And keep working on your game!

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Anthony September 25, 2021 - 03:25

Thanks for the tips Jonas. With stability and swing weight improvements/increases do you think there is an approx limit in incremental weight to be added as a % of the racquet’s total weight before it becomes counter-productive and takes away from racquet’s overall performance? In which case you’re actually better off looking for a different stick that is already closer to your preferred specs?


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