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Dominic Thiem’s Babolat Pure Strike

by TN
Dominic Thiem's Babolat Pure Strike

There is a lot of talk around the new Babolat Pure Strike and the timing is perfect as its ambassador, Dominic Thiem, is playing the quarter-finals at Roland Garros today. As a part of the launch campaign, Forbes wrote an article about Dominic Thiem's Babolat Pure Strike.

Dominic Thiem is close to the perfect ambassador for the Pure Strike line, but he has been using the old Red/Black version in 18×20 string pattern before. At the time of the launch of the new model, the question is…what is really Dominic Thiem's Babolat Pure Strike? Is it the new one or the old one? Spoiler alert: I can't really answer that question right now. What is clear is that he is still using a 98 sq inch racquet with an 18×20 string pattern.

There has been lots of speculation on the tennis forums about whether he is using the new or the old model. Before he used a paint job of the older version, although most people don't know this. Tim Newcomb writes for Forbes: “French-based Babolat, already with Rafael Nadal leading its Pure Aero line and Karolina Pliskova on its Pure Drive franchise, launched Thiem into Pure Strike franchise years ago and he switched to the most updated version in 2017.” Is that really true? How do we know? Should we care? After all, no matter what Thiem actually uses, most of us are happier with the updated 2017 version over the Pure Strike Original from 2014. The improvement was arguably quite evident and let us hope that the 2019 version is another step in the right direction.

Dominic Thiem's Babolat Pure Strike – A part of the process  Dominic Thiem's Babolat Pure Strike

This is what Dominic Thiem had to say about the new Babolat Pure Strike:

“When I took the Pure Strike in my hands, it was already five years ago now, it was really an amazing feeling from the first moment on,” says the Austrian tennis star, now ranked as the world’s No. 4. “(The new Pure Strike) feels very stable in my hands, very good control, but still a lot of power, so it’s perfect.”

The article in Forbes goes on to write: “During testing, Babolat says 71 percent of users reported better feel at impact compared to the previous Strike and 78 percent reported more control.” That sounds like good news for Pure Strike lovers. What are the new technologies on offer in the new Pure Strike? It comes with C2 Pure Feel technology which is supposed to filter out vibration and create stability and control throughout the racket. If they succeed to create a more comfortable Pure Strike, I would definitely be positive about it, since my only real issue with the Pure Strike 2017 (Amazon link) was that the stiffness got to my (arguably sensitive) wrist in the end.

Thiem is definitely a Pure Strike fan too:

Dominic Thiem's Babolat Pure Strike

“I would say it was love at first sight,” Thiem says. While first testing a prototype while practicing in Spain, Thiem says he loved it “straight away” on the court. “Everything was working,” he says, “that’s very important that all the strokes are working and then also I don’t lose any feeling on the volleys or the slices.”

Dominic Thiem's Babolat Pure Strike – Design and release

Dominic Thiem's Babolat Pure Strike

Dominic Thiem not only play-tested the protoypes of the new Pure Strike, but he also gave input on the aesthetics. The design is still white and red, but Babolat has gone for a less clean and more urban design with a red bumper to bump up the “Strike” element. This racquet remains a control racquet for aggressive players. The response among tennis nerds seem to have been a bit mixed so far, but most racquets look better up close and few have held the racquets in their hands at this time.

The new Pure Strike will be released in August. I will be testing the new Pure Strike 100 shortly and hope to be able to give you my impressions about this much-anticipated new racquet in a couple of weeks. From the previous edition of the Strike, I preferred the 98 over the 100 sq inch racquet, but we will see how this one plays and I hope to be able to review both at a later date. I will also update this post if I manage to find out whether this is Dominic Thiem's Babolat Pure Strike or not.

Are you excited about the new Pure Strike? What are your hopes about this new edition and do you prefer the 98 or 100 sq inch versions?


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h_caulfield June 5, 2019 - 16:22

Does anyone know when the 2019 version will be released? I’ve heard good things about the 2018 and want to demo it and not sure if I should wait for the new one.

Tennisnerd June 5, 2019 - 19:16

Should be in August!

Jay June 14, 2019 - 23:12

I still think he would be winning more with a Head

Arvid Jaans June 26, 2019 - 13:25

That Head didnt hold on to Thiem like grim death is a mystery, heck they could have made him a raquet just not to lose him….

Tennisnerd August 12, 2019 - 13:02

Yeah, it is hard to know what is going on behind the doors of large companies at times…

Eduardo Gavira Crespillo January 19, 2021 - 13:01

If you want to take your tennis to another level, try this PURE STRIKE 18/20 (V3, 2020). This is the best racquet I have played with. I have customized it with four lead stripes at 3 o’clock and at 9 o’clock of 10 centimeters long, and silicone in the butt, until reaching 320 grams with a balance of 315 mm. Strung with Babolat RPM Power, this is by far the best racquet I’ve ever used in my life. Better not put an dampener, so you know if you are hitting correctly. I am a senior tennis player, top 100 ITF Seniors, champion in multiple times state tournaments, both singles and doubles. I coach college and ITF Junior level players every day, with whom I have to face on the court, and with this great racquet I keep them at bay!

Tennisnerd January 19, 2021 - 16:49

Hi Eduardo, nice that you have found a good setup! Are you close to Marbella? Let’s hit next time I’m there 🙂


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