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Angell TC 95 Custom 16×19 Racquet Review

by TN
Angell TC 95 Custom 16x19 Racquet Review

This Angell TC 95 Custom 16×19 racquet review reveals yet another excellent racquet in the Angell TC Custom line-up. The 70 RA version plays with a bit more power and the open string pattern helps to generate some extra spin. This results in a versatile racquet for advanced players.

The Angell TC 95 Custom is a part of the Angell custom series where you can order your racquet to your specifications (check out Angell tennis here). The one I got second hand was a bit under spec for me personally at 310 grams and 31,5 cm balance unstrung, but there is nothing a little lead tape can not fix, right? So this Angell TC 95 Custom 16×19 Racquet Review is covering the stock form of the racquet (333 grams strung, 32 cm balance) and the weighted-up 347 grams, 32 cm balance racquet that I ended up with after customization.

The Angell TC 95 Custom 16×19 can be ordered with different weights, extended or standard length, leather grip or synthetic and also with either RA 63 and RA 70. Since I had already reviewed the Angell TC 95 Custom 18×20 63 RA racquet (read the review here), I thought it would be interesting to try the stiffer version of the more open pattern. Power and spin usually go well together.

Angell TC 95 Custom 16×19 Racquet Review – How it plays

The Angell TC 95 Custom 16×19 is a racquet with a small-ish sweet spot, but one that you really feel. Meaning that when you hit the sweet spot you are rewarded with power and spin, as well as pinpoint control. The 95 sq inch frame moves fast through the air which helps your racquets head speed even while hitting with a heavier spec. I would say this racquet compares well with the Prince Textreme Tour 95 (Amazon link) that I used to play with (read my review here), but while the Prince Textreme Tour 95 is rather low-powered, you can get more easy depth on your shots with the Angell TC 95.

I thought the Angell TC 95 Custom 16×19 played well from all areas on the court. The 95 sq inch head size is home to me and I had no issues finding the sweet spot. Without the extra lead in the head, I did struggle with stability so I would definitely recommend most players to get one with a beefier weight. 330 grams unstrung would have been perfect for me for example.

It is not easy to give the Angell Custom TC 95 points based on its performance since it delivered pretty much everywhere, but I give it a go anyway.

Angell TC 95 Custom 16×19 Racquet Review – Ratings

Angell TC 95 Custom 16x19 Racquet ReviewGroundstrokes: 8/10
Backhands and forehands both came naturally with this racquet. It was easy to inject power at will. The sweet spot is smaller than on a typical 98 sq inch racquet like the recently reviewed Prince Beast 98 (read the review here) so you need to make sure to move your legs and prepare on time.

Volleys: 7/10
Here the lead tape came in handy, because the lack of stability in stock form did not make the racquet easy to volley with. I definitely think 95 sq inch racquets needs 340 grams or more when strung not be too “flimsy”.

Serves: 7/10
I did not serve as much with this racquet as I wanted to due to a knee injury that popped up and now has me sidelined for a while. It is a nice stick on the serve, similar to my HEAD LM Radicals, but not giving you Babolat Pure Drive Tour (read my review) superpowers.

Control: 8/10
The string pattern is nice and tight for 16×19 and the smaller head size offers plenty of control and feeling that you can swing big and go for your shots.

Power: 7/10
This racquet, like most control-oriented racquets, gives you what you put into it. For a 70 RA unstrung racquet is relatively low on power I would say.

Touch: 7/10
This racquet offers nice touch on volleys and drop shots. Not outstanding like the Prince Phantom Pro 100P, that I review here.

Comfort: 8/10
For a 70 RA unstrung racquet, I would say it feels really comfortable. No arm issues here. I would not say it is “plush”, but it flexes evenly, which I like.

Angell TC 95 Custom 16×19 Racquet Review – Summary and video review

The Angell TC 95 Custom 16×19 70 RA is a fine racquet and another great choice in the Angell line-up. It is a control-oriented racquet that offers you a little extra spin and power compared to the 18×20 63 RA version that I tested earlier. You need to move your feet however, because the sweet spot is small. Yet when you hit it, you KNOW.

The Angell TC 95 Custom 16×19 70 RA that I had was a bit low on the specs. I think 95 sq inch racquets need more weight to play well and I would not recommend you to go below 340 grams strung. That is why 320-330 grams unstrung would have been a better option for me personally. But with some lead tape I got it up to a nice spec!

The video review is a bit shorter than usual due to that I had to end the play-test prematurely due to a knee injury. Hope this gives you an idea of how the racquet plays anyway.

If you want to buy your own custom Angell tennis racquet, check them out here.

Are you curious about the Angell TC 95 Custom 16×19 70 RA version? Don’t hesitate to ask questions in the comments below.


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Paulo April 27, 2018 - 17:12

You need to test the 63 RA version of it. It’s a totally different racket in every way.

Tennisnerd April 30, 2018 - 08:53

I might have to do that at some stage! 🙂

Robert Mitchell February 25, 2019 - 01:46

How is this racquet compared to the rf97a?

Tennisnerd February 27, 2019 - 11:38

Hi Robert,
The RF97A is more powerful and stable, but the TC 95 offers better comfort and a bit better precision.

Cheers / Jonas


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