HEAD Gravity Pro vs Prestige MP

by Jonas Eriksson

It was a tough day today with parking tickets and a massive computer breakdown, but here is my HEAD Gravity Pro vs Prestige MP comparison.

There are many similarities in the comparison of the HEAD Gravity Pro vs the Prestige MP. Both have a 20 mm beam, 200 CPI (HEAD’s power scale), 18×20 string pattern, low stiffness level (61/62 RA strung), unstrung weight is 315 (Gravity) vs 320 (Prestige), the balance is similar (6 or 7 pts HL), while the swing weight is a bit higher on the Gravity. The specs are all extremely close except for the head size which is the 100 sq inch tear drop shape for the Gravity and the more traditional shape and 98 sq inch head size of the Prestige.

What is in these two sq inches then? Well, the Gravity offers better stability and a bigger sweet spot, while the Prestige is faster through the air and a tad more precise. These are small differences, but in tennis, the tiniest of details can make or break you (sounds overly dramatic, but you know what I mean).

HEAD Gravity Pro vs Prestige MP

I would say that the power and spin levels are almost identical between these two racquets. The string pattern and beam design are so close that it’s almost impossible to detect a difference. But due to the difference in the head design, the Gravity comes through the air slower, but with more plow-through and determination while the Prestige will appeal to the player with a whippier style of swing.

Neither of these racquets will offer much in terms of top spin or launch angle. It’s all about dependability here.

I like these racquets a lot. I could gladly take either one into a tournament and I have done both on occasion. But the Prestige wins at the moment due to its faster feel. The Gravity can feel sluggish when you are starting to get tired in the second set of a match, while the Prestige remains consistently a joy to play, despite the slightly smaller sweet spot.

Which one would you take into a match and why?

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Hans Hagberg February 4, 2021 - 08:48

If one wants more spin with Gravity Pro, it helps with an optimized string choice. I followed the advice from “All Things Tennis” and started using Tecnifibre IceCode in the crosses and BlackCode 4s in the mains and it makes some difference.


Also tried Solinco Tour bite instead of BlackCode and it seems to work the same. Tension maintenance is very good with these strings which is good for me because I play with many racquets and seldom breaks strings.

One quick mod one can do to Gravity Pro is to change the buttcap trapdoor. In stock form, they use the 5g weighted one so it’s easy to lighten up the racquet and shift the balance a bit (like the Gravity Tour). The HEAD buttcaps are interchangeable between racquets as long as the sizes are the same so it’s OK to borrow an unweighted one from some other HEAD racquet. Most HEAD racquets use the standard low weight trapdoor.

Anthony February 4, 2021 - 11:55

Thanks again for another comparison review. I like the idea of the MP becoming a point of reference for your comparisons! Coincidentally demoed one for first time tonight. Brief hit so only a few first impressions, namely super comfortable and manouevrable. Not sure of string set up, guessing Lynx, looking forward to more time on court with this one over the weekend.

Paul March 24, 2021 - 00:26

As always a nice review topic Jonas. Very much appreciate your site since finding it a few years ago. I’m just a “good ordinary” social player currently play with a TeXtreme Tour 310 16/18 but have an old youtek prestige MP I play with sometimes and I’m thinking of going that way permanently due to control and feel I get from it. But I have to be constantly spot on my game to make it work for me. – no cheap mishits that I get away with… :) Thinking Phantom 100x 18×20 in the mix, how would you say that stacks up against the new Prestige, Gravity and thoughts on youtek?

Martin July 2, 2021 - 01:05

@Has Hagberg

Thanks for the tip about the weight buttcap! I had no idea!


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