Racquet talk with Henrik Wallensten

by Jonas Eriksson

Henrik Wallensten and I sit down and do another racquet talk session on the podcast. We discuss the Pro Staffs, Radicals, bags, and more.

Racquet talk with Henrik Wallensten

I have known Henrik for many years, and he regularly contributes reviews and articles to Tennisnerd and the Swedish Tennis Magazine. We have done a number of podcasts together over the years to talk about racquets, and I will now label these episodes Racquet Talk. This is where we compare experiences with recent play tests. In this episode, we talk about the exciting specs of the new Wilson Pro Staffs V14, which I still need to try myself. (I am currently play-testing the Wilson Shift racquets and have published my first impressions on my Patreon). But we also talk about the new Radicals, why swing weights on many racquets are too high, our addiction to tennis bags and much more. Have a listen on Spotify, iTunes or your preferred podcasting platforms, but you can also listen below.

Questions to the nerds

It is tough for me time-wise to keep up a weekly podcast, so I will try to space them out a bit with different guests and perhaps even do a solo episode where I go through listener questions. So this is your chance to ask about specs, racquets, and strings; I will cover them in a future episode.

I hope to get a shipment of Pro Staffs in the nearby future, because I know many of you are excited about the review. I am currently busy with the Shift racquets, but I am slowly catching up to speed with new products. Right now, I am also testing V2 of the ADV tennis bag (read about some great tennis bags here), the Nike Vapor Pro 2 (one of many interesting shoes out recently), the Nike Vapor 11 , and some new strings from MSV.

It has been a busy period, but it is always fun to test new gear. This is how Henrik and I end the podcast, discussing the excitement of bringing a new racquet or string to the court.

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