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by TN
MSV Strings - Top quality strings at a good price

My aim is to create a page for each tennis brand I come across which has an impact on the market. This is the page for MSV Strings. MSV create some high-quality products such as the MSV Focus-Hex string for a very good price.

MSV Strings was founded in 2000 Mauve-Sports-MSV by Dr. Karl-Eberhard Mauve. In 2014 Carl-Philipp Mauve, a son of the founder, bought a 50% share of the company and became Managing Director at his father’s and mother’s side.

In 2018 MSV strings and grips were sold in 48 countries around the globe. The bestseller MSV FOCUS-HEX achieves a satisfaction rating of 90+% (source:, March 2018, 403 ratings). More than 1 million string jobs were done with this string. Another astonishing fact is that MSV Focus Hex is the string in the market which offers the most variants: 4 different gauges and up to 7 colors per gauge!

MSV Strings – My Experience

I have tested quite a few strings from MSV and consider it one of the best brands in the price category. The MSV Focus Hex is an extremely solid performer, but my favorite is the MSV Focus Hex Ultra which I think plays crisp and controlled without being uncomfortable to use. You can buy MSV strings from the official website here.

Here is my video review of their MSV Focus-Hex Ultra string. 

The MSV Focus Hex might be the flagship string among MSV strings, but there are many good ones to choose from. Here is an overview from MSV strings about their selection of poly strings:

MSV Strings – Poly selection

MSV strings poly string selection Since I mainly test poly strings, I can say I have tested and liked the MSV Focus-Hex, the MSV Focus-Hex Ultra, and the MSV Focus-Hex Soft. The other ones I have yet to test. MSV also offers a natural gut string as well as hybrid sets. The price of MSV strings is simply hard to beat when you consider the quality.

***Buy MSV strings on Amazon

***Buy MSV strings on the MSV official website


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Hubert January 17, 2020 - 08:30

Is MSV Focus-Hex Soft arm-friendly? How does it compare to other soft co-polys like solinco tour bite soft / volkl cyclone tour?

Tennisnerd January 21, 2020 - 11:15

Hex Soft is arm-friendly. A bit more firm than Tour Bite Soft, but they play quite close. Cyclone Tour is more powerful than both Hex Soft and Tour Bite Soft.

Quan Nguyen July 5, 2020 - 13:49

Which gauge of the Hex Soft have you tried? Do you see significant differences across gauges?

Tennisnerd July 6, 2020 - 08:36

I mainly use the 1.23 – I prefer gauges 1.25 and below. The 1.18 is nice for a softer feel.

Harry Cohen May 21, 2022 - 20:18

Does the same string (specifically relating to Focus Hex) in different colours play differently. That is to say, does the colour impact the playing characteristics?
I have heard that black is crisper and more precise, colours livelier and more power.


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