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Tecnifibre Tfight RS Racquet Preview

by Jonas Eriksson

An update to the Tecnifibre Tfight line is on the way. Before I get my hands on a racquet, here is my Tecnifibre Tfight RS Racquet Preview.

The previous version of the Tecnifibre Tfight was the XTC version, which I enjoyed and reviewed here. The new version is called Tecnifibre Tfight RS. What does RS stand for? Well, let’s dive in to the specs and tech of the new Tfight line.

Tecnifibre Tfight RS – Specs and Tech

There are a couple of updates compared to the XTC version, but the general specs and mold seem to be the same. Below are the updates according to the official product sheet.

RS SECTION The traditional squared section is now redesigned to have 5 sides at specific angles: more stability and comfort upon ball impact.

YOKE CONNECTIONS Improved shape of the yoke connections for a more fluid flexion: more power, sturdiness, and precision.

There are three RS models in different weights: 300, 305, and 315. Interestingly, the 300 and 315g version has 16×19 string pattern, while the 305 that Daniil Medvedev endorses, has 18×19. They are all 98 sq inches, standard length and with a 22.5 mm beam.

The Tecnifibre Tfight RS line is mainly for advanced players. But they do also offer the Tfight RSL line of racquets.

Tecnifibre Tfight RSL Racquets

The Tfight RSL line has a slightly thicker beam, 16×19 string pattern, a 100 sq inch head size and weight ranging from 265 to 295 grams. The idea is to give more free power and be more suitable intermediate club-level players looking for some free power and spin, but without going all the way to the 27 mm beam of the CES version.

I am really curious to play-test the Tecnifibre Tfight RS racquets. Recent frames like the Tfight XTC and TF40 have impressed me so I have high hopes.

What do you think of the new Tecnifibre Tfight racquets?

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Lasse August 28, 2020 - 08:53

It is great that a g 265 light racquet 27 inch racquet can be bought with a 23 mm beam as this makes an easier transition for kids going from e.g. a 23 mm 245 26 inch junior racquet such as the pro staff 26 junior. There are not many of this category. The head speed pro lite has a 25 mm beam here you have to go for the 275 g head mp lite which has the 23 mm beam. Note that the quality control is bad +- 7 g. Maybee for juniors one can use this as an advantage and get a lighter racquet to start with. Anyway weighing it in the local store before bying it might be important for juniors. For common reviewers the situation of advanced juniors wanting a good balanced racquet without too much instability, lack of control or so much power they cant swing through is not considered so much. Light racquets are not only for beginners or people with tennis albows. Maybee you could take the perspective of advanced juniors going for a first 27 inch racquet in a few videos or at least keep it in mind in the videos. I truly enjoy your reviews and videos keep up the good work.

Lasse August 28, 2020 - 09:07

This racquet will be great for junors transitioning from a 26 inch junior racquet to a full size 27 inch racquet.


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