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Where do Boom racquets fit into the HEAD line-up?

by Jonas Eriksson

I’ve gotten plenty of questions in the style of: Where do Boom racquets fit into the HEAD line-up? The answer isn’t simple.

So where do Boom racquets fit into the HEAD line-up? Well, it is the POWER silo, partly replacing the Instinct as far as I understand. This means that Boom will be at the top range of their CPI scale ranging from 100-1000 in power (1000 has the most power). You can find out more about the HEAD CPI scale by watching my HEAD racquets video.

This means that the range of HEAD racquets look like this: (Low to high in power)

Prestige (precision and touch)
Gravity (control with a bigger sweet spot)
Radical (versatility and control)
Speed (power/spin but not too much)
Extreme (spin and power
Boom (power and some spin)

You can click each link to find my latest review of that particular silo.

A jungle of HEAD racquets

HEAD offers the most different racquet models on the market. Each silo has about 4-5 models (MP, Tour, Pro, MP L, S) and there are 6 silos leaving us with around 25-30 key racquet models for HEAD. It’s quite a lot to get your head around (pun intended).

The Prestige is the lowest powered line, but has racquets that flirt with power like the S. The Extreme is supposed to be the quite powerful spin line, but has a more controlled option in the Extreme Tour, which is a slightly more powerful Radical Pro/Prestige MP. The Speed focuses on 100 sq inch racquets that is supposed to offer a good balance of power/control and the same goes for the Radical although they are 98 sq inches.

98 sq inch HEAD racquets

Prestige Pro 2021 (18×20)
Radical Pro and MP (16×19)
Extreme Tour (16×19)
Boom Pro (16×19)

All these racquets are quite similar with the Prestige being a standout for its lower power and added control due to the tighter string pattern.

The Boom Pro is the most powerful, the Extreme Tour comes in second, the Radical Pro in third and the Radical MP in 4th, closer to the Prestige Pro.

100 sq inch HEAD racquets

In this category we could lump in the Prestige MP and MP L at 99 sq inches, but let’s not! :)

Gravity MP, Tour and Pro
Speed Pro and MP
Extreme MP and Pro
Boom MP

That’s quite a few racquets! The same pattern is clear here.

The Boom MP is leading power ahead of the Extreme MP then Pro. Followed by Speed MP then Pro. The most controlled racquets are the Gravity ones, MP, Tour and the Pro offering the most control.

Is this complicated? Maybe it’s time to create a new video about HEAD’s racquet selection?

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Bily December 7, 2021 - 14:53


Stef December 7, 2021 - 22:52

Great classification, you should do it for all the racket brands

Dubo December 9, 2021 - 17:53

Hi, thanks for the update on this matter. I’m trying to understand the correlation between the power of the rackets, according to HEAD and the swingweight. I have the notion that the higher the swingweight the more powerful the racket is. So comparing the Radical MP and the Extreme Tour I would naturally sway towards the Radical when looking for more power due to the higher swingweight. Does this mean that the Extreme is actually “better” for power and hence for handling as well since the power index is higher while retaining a lower swingweight? Also what feature/aspect of a racket makes it more powerful when the swingweight is low yet the power index remains high?

Dubo December 9, 2021 - 18:01

Is it a typo that you wrote “The Boom Pro is the most powerful, the Extreme Tour comes in second” since the power index shows precisely the opposite?
Extreme 500 power index
Pro 400 power index


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