Wilson Amplifeel Tennis Shoe Review

by Jonas Eriksson

Wilson were kind enough to send me some Amplifeel shoes for testing. The Wilson Amplifeel tennis shoes is for sure a funky-looking shoe, taking inspiration from Air Jordans and other high-tops.

If it’s good-looking or not is highly subjective of course. Same goes for how the shoe plays, but I hope my review can shine some light on pros and cons with the Wilson Amplifeel shoe that was previously tested and used by Jeremy Chardy.

What is the point of the “shoe sock” that makes the shoe more difficult to put on? One word: stability. And it does work, if you have any ankle or achilles heal related problems, the Wilson Amplifeel shoes could be your best friend because you do get massive support with these shoes and they feel lighter than they look on the feet although they are by no means a light “speed” shoe.

I’ve used the Wilson Amplifeel shoes for a couple of months and I do enjoy them quite a bit. Not as much as my beloved Asics Gel Resolution 6 to be honest, but I have slightly narrow feet so they just fit me better. I used to use the Wilson Rush Pro 2.0, which is a great shoe, but I think I had the same issue with those shoes as I have with the Amplifeel ones – they didn’t breathe well and my feet ended up sweating far more than they usually do.

The durability of the shoe has proven to be quite good. I’ve arguably played mostly indoors on Plexipave courts and some sessions on the sandpaper-like surface of the hardcourt tennis courts in Malta, but they don’t show much wear on the soles of the shoes. However, a part of the soft fabric of the shoe sock is already showing two small holes in it so that’s what I’m mostly worried about when it comes to the durability of the Wilson Amplifeel shoes. The outsole comes with a six month durability guarantee so there should be no issues there.

Other reviewers of these shoes have complained about toe-jamming since the front area of the shoe is quite roomy. I haven’t really experienced these issues myself and think the comfort of the Wilson Amplifeel shoes are quite good (not as much as the dreamy Nike Vapor Tour 9.5 for example, but I have other issues with those shoes). My feet fit nice and snug and the increase in stability make me feel confident in making big strides towards the ball. What I notice more is that the shoes become quite warm so if you have a sweaty feet or play in hot climates, I would think this might be an annoyance for you.

What most people comment on is how different and nice these shoes look so I think Wilson did a good job here. Design is obviously a subjective thing but judging by the reactions I’ve gotten, it’s a a cool-looking shoe. I personally think so too.

To summarize my opinion about the Wilson Amplifeel shoes, I can only say that this is a fresh and interesting new shoe from Wilson that comes with the clear benefit of being really stable for people who need extra support on court. They are not a great fit for everyone’s feet and they do run a little hot, but they’re definitely a must-try if you like the design of the shoe.

Here’s my video review of the Wilson Amplifeel shoes:

And here is a short clip from the first hitting session with the Wilson Amplifeel shoes:

On another note, I think it’s smart to really spend time choosing a good tennis shoe for you. This website usually writes mostly about racquets and strings, but the shoe and your body is in general vital for your enjoyment of the game, although it’s not as fun shopping for shoes as it is to buy and play-test a new tennis racquet!

What tennis shoes do you use and what do you like about them? Please comment below!


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