Yonex Poly Tour Pro Review

by Jonas Eriksson

Why is Yonex Poly Tour Pro one of the most popular strings on tour and among club players? Here is our Yonex Poly Tour Pro Review.

Yonex Poly Tour Pro Review

I got this question and thought I’d answer it in a video called “Why do so many pros use Yonex Poly Tour Pro?” (and in this post). If you have questions or video ideas, please put them in the comments. I read as often as possible but struggle with time to answer everyone.

Yonex Poly Tour Pro (check it out from our friends at Tennis Warehouse) is a string used by many, many pros. We have recently seen Ben Shelton use it in a full bed and a hybrid setup with Poly Tour Strike.

Casper Ruud uses it in a hybrid with Poly Tour Spin.

Nick Kyrgios uses it in a full bed.

Marton Fucsovics also uses it in a full bed.

On the WTA Tour, Belinda Bencic uses it in a hybrid, as does Naomi Osaka.

What is Yonex Poly Tour Pro?

Yonex Poly Tour Pro is a round, semi-soft string. Looking at the Tennis Warehouse University data, it is not the most spin-friendly string, and you notice that when playing with it. Based on my readings, it actually has the least spin of all the polyester strings in the Yonex string family.

It is relatively soft though, and for more spin, you can do like Casper Ruud or Ben Shelton and pair it with a firmer and more spin-oriented string like Poly Tour Strike, Poly Tour Spin or Poly Tour Rev.

I have used Poly Tour Pro a lot throughout my tennis life but never made a full review.

How does it play?

It’s a solid choice for a softer poly, but it is not quite as dependable as I would like. But for many players, it has a bit more give than firmer strings.

As with most softer poly strings, the tension drop is relatively steep.

But when fresh, it gives you good control, a softer feel, but it is a little lacking in spin potential and snapback. If you are looking for a string to really grab the ball, this is not the one. 

On the other hand, if you are not a heavy hitter and are looking for a relatively comfortable and dependable poly, Poly Tour Pro is a solid choice. 

More advanced players should consider using it in a hybrid with a firmer string to get more control and spin.

So why is it used by so many pros on the tour if it lacks standout qualities?

I think the feel is agreeable, and it is a solid enough choice for pros who always play with freshly strung racquets. If you want to limit your stringing, it might not be the one for you, as it plays best relatively fresh.

Paired with a firmer string, it’s an excellent choice to get the best of both worlds: some power, some spin and good control.


Soft on the arm
Nice feel

Drops tension
Lacks spin potential

Again, I think the string is best paired with a firmer string.

Have you used Yonex Poly Tour Pro? Let me know what you think about it in the comments. 

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Dubo September 20, 2023 - 19:29

Hi, I’m assuming when you talk about hybrid setups that the Poly Pro is always in the mains? In that case having a firmer string in the crosses does change the characteristics of the setup but at most by 20 %. Is that really such a noticable difference? It’s very debatable…

Thomas November 30, 2023 - 18:12

Totally agree. Been using it a while in the Ezone and it plays just as you said. Awesome when fresh. But I switched, because of the quick loss in playability. Having said that, I got my Ezone freshly strung with Poly Tour Rev / poly tour pro . As I have heard it is supposed to be a superb string for crosses in a hybrid setup.
We’ll see how long it will do as a cross only.

Tobias March 6, 2024 - 10:36

How long does it stay fresh / how often does it need restringing? I like the plush feel of it

willy July 13, 2024 - 16:30

Great Review.
I recently switched from ezone 98 to ezone 100, to have a frame with more free power (ezone 98 was also wonderful) I’m trying one with Poly strike and one with poly tour pro. Strike seem more rigid, powerful and with more spin, Pro with less spin, greater comfort and control. Which ones would you recommend?
Thanks !


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