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Tennis String Basics

by TN

I listen to you, dear readers. Many of you have asked for a video about tennis string basics. And here it is! Time to learn about tennis strings.

I have dealt with tennis string basics in my previous posts about string gauges and string tensions, but I wanted to put it all together into one video.

This video deals with string gauges, tensions, types, and shapes. If you have more questions or want to see more content about strings, please let me know.

The topic is pretty much endless and we see new brands, ideas, and innovations in the tennis string industry happen every year.

Tennis String Basics

You can watch the video above or by going to my YouTube channel.

I talk about this briefly in the video, but the current trends we are seeing in the string industry right now is to move towards softer polyesters. There are also pros like Gael Monfils trying to hybrid a softer polyester string with a stiffer string. Players like Federer, Murray, and Djokovic still use hybrids with natural gut, while other players seem more open to experimenting.

Polyesters and multifilament are moving towards each other. Polys are getting softer, while multifilament strings are becoming more durable and controlled. When the game is becoming increasingly spin-focused and there are a lot of large and open string beds out there, you need a durable string. But you still don’t want to move back to the time when stiffer polyesters were everywhere and wreaking havoc on tender elbows and wrists.

What will we see next?

I think this trend will continue. More players will use poly hybrids to find the best combination of control, comfort, and spin. Recreational players will stop using stiff polys and move towards strong multifilament strings or softer polyesters. Players will be keener on experimenting to finding the optimal setup for their game.

Where are you in your string journey? Have you found the perfect setup? If not, I offer a consultation service here.

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Tennis Lion May 27, 2020 - 14:37

Nice overview, totally agree. Which hybrid strings are you using in the TF40? Did you keep the 305 or get a 315? I guess it’s safest to buy a 305 because you can always make that into a 315 with a leather grip, but you can’t go the other way from a 315! I wonder how similar that would be? Cheers.

Tennisnerd June 1, 2020 - 12:28

I bought them used so I don’t know what the cross string is on either frame, to be honest. The main string is Babolat Xcel. The 305 is what I am using, I think it makes the most sense to leave some room for customization as you describe. They should be very similar.


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