Testing Pro-String strings

by Jonas Eriksson

I have been a testing a couple of new strings from Pro-String and it’s been a positive experience. Yet another small brand to check out.

You can watch my review of Pro-String strings below or keep reading.

I got a few sample sets from Pro-String, one gauge of each string they offer. They are:

Nemesis – quite similar to Alu Power in terms of feel. A control string. I tried it in my Yonex Ezone Tour and it played nicely. The key feature is control, but it’s not a stiff string. If you’re looking for a cheaper option to Alu Power, it’s worth checking out. I would need to try it in a few more racquets to give a more in-depth review on its tension maintenance and how it performs in various different tensions, but in the Ezone Tour at 52 lbs, it was an enjoyable experience. It’s not a string that will give you amazing bite and spin, but mainly dependability. A good option for a hybrid setup.

Pentagon – Pentagon is a five-sided, more spin-oriented polyester string. I tried the 1.30 gauge in my Clash Tour and liked it a lot. It offered nice control, bite and held tension well in a string-breaker such as the Clash. Definitely a solid option for aggressive hitters who are open to trying a stiffer string.

Firepower – This string was livelier and more powerful than Pentagon and Nemesis. It didn’t last quite as long in the Clash Tour but felt a bit better on the arm. Softer feel, but still decent control.

Demon – A string in similar vein to Pentagon, but round and supposed to offer even better control and durability. I strung it up in the Prince Ripstick and it held tension well and produced the needed control in that racquet. Perhaps a bit too stiff for players who have experienced arm issues, but big hitters will enjoy the durability and control from this one. RPM Blast-inspired.

Big Blue – Soft, but a bit more controlled than Firepower. I strung it up in my Babolat Soft Drive and enjoyed the comfortable yet controlled performance. Maybe my favorite of the bunch. Pro-String website.

Multifilament – I strung up the Pro-String multifilament string 1.20 gauge in my Six One 95 nCode. I put the multi in the mains at 55 lbs and Alu Power in the crosses at 53 lbs to be able to compare it with the setup I have in the other nCode, where I use Luxilon Natural Gut 1.20 instead of the Pro-String. The Pro-String multifilament couldn’t compare all the way to the gut, but competes well with other powerful multis. It performed quite similar to Kirschbaum Gut Feeling.

About Pro-String

This info is from the official website:

PRO-STRING is run by Raymond Diez, an ERSA certified racket stringing technician who is also a professional tennis coach and player. Raymond has extensive racket stringing experience and has strung for ATP and WTA tour players.

There are many good string brands on the market and after playing with a bunch of different Pro-String strings, I can safely say that this is another one to consider.

Video review to come once I have tested all of the strings.

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