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Djokovic Taking the Weeks at No 1 Record

by TN

I am sure you haven’t missed the news of Djokovic taking the Weeks at No 1 record from Roger Federer. How long can he go?

There is an interesting timing to Djokovic taking the weeks at no 1 record from Federer and Federer returning to the tour in the same week. It’s purely coincidental, but still shows that although likely Federer won’t beat Djokovic’s weeks at number one record, he will still fight for the other records he has or wants to have.

Still, this record is all about Djokovic and his determination and tennis craft. You can read a nice feature about Djokovic’s rise to tennis world domination on the official ATP Tour Website.

“It really excites me to walk the path of legends and giants of this sport,” said Djokovic. “To know that I have earned my place among them by following my childhood dream is a beautiful confirmation that when you do things out of love and passion, everything is possible.”

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Djokovic’s Records and Stats

As you can see, Djokovic’s longest stint at the number one spot on the ATP rankings was from 2014-2016. He had a bad dip on the rankings in 2018 when he struggled both physically and mentally, but he came back and now seems stronger than ever. The big question is: who is going to be able to take over from Djokovic? Can we expect another resurgence from Nadal or Federer? Well, Nadal certainly has at least one French Open title in him still. Federer maybe another run at Wimbledon. But who among the new players can become the next number one?

Daniil Medvedev is ranked at number 2 at the moment, but is he a likely contender for the top spot? Since he still hasn’t won a slam it’s kind of hard to say. Andrey Rublev keeps winning ATP Tour titles (the latest one in Rotterdam), but he still hasn’t shown that he can beat the best over five sets. Dominic Thiem? Hmm…I can’t quite see it. Maybe we need to see one from the next wave of players step up and make it believable. Sinner? Auger-Aliassime? Alcaraz Garfia?

Keen to hear your thoughts on the topic. While we ponder that, we have to say big congrats to Novak for another record.

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1 comment

J March 9, 2021 - 02:47

Tsitsipas when he sorts out his serve ball toss placement varience and gets more comfortable with an early Fed/Sampras fast court agressive all court strategy. It would be % deficit vunerable on the slower courts of the last decade, but faster courts can reward the gambler and that can change the % success rate. And therefore flips the odds of an all coirt style defeating a now surely perfected and done to death counter/attacking basekine Djoko type game.

But, its possibly late for a leapord to change his spots and that serve toss variance is a concern. He shoukd study Pete his idol…and Fed. There are reasons why their serve is so reliably devastating.

I hope Tsitsi becomes a great. Not a Dimitrov.

As for the generation under TsitsiMedveAlliaShapovalov…….

Sinner. All the way. Every day. Got to be. National junior skiing champion. And look at his game!!! With faster courts and his huge agression amd willingness to come in…..Sinner. all he needs to do is work and believe. Surely.

With the rebirth of faster courts. Cometh the man….cometh the……Volley???

Heaven forbid a female adopts an agressive all court strategy with gamblers % mindset and practiced skilled volleying. I’m sure i saw a female do this really well…but in reality she can belt anyone non top-5 off the court without needing to volley…but…

I. Swiatek.

J. Sinner

Riotously fabulous tennis players.


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