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Casper Ruud on TopCourt

by Jonas Eriksson

Top ten player, Casper Ruud, has a monster of a forehand. Now he teaches it to us mere mortals via the learning platform TopCourt.

Casper Ruud on TopCourt offer drills, strategy and an insight into how Ruud thinks on the tennis court. He talks about training at the Nadal academy and shows some interesting drills for building up your forehand.

I have often called Ruud a Scandinavian version of David Ferrer, but it’s clear in recent times that he has an even more powerful forehand and possibly potential to have a bigger career than the Spaniard.

I always check in on TopCourt when there is new material. It’s been a solid learning platform and an inspiration to develop my own tennis. Sometimes I would have liked a bit more detail on their grips and takebacks, but that depends a bit on the style of the player and how he/she likes to instruct tennis.

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Casper Ruud on TopCourt

One thing I really liked about Casper Ruud’s videos is how he explains point play strategy during liveballs. I wish other pro players did this to help us club level players understand more about strategy and crafting a point.

I also liked that they showed some of his errors and not only winners. A very solid video.

Something I would like from TopCourt is to show the court level view from the hitting partner because it’s a fascinating way to understand how hard and with how much spin the top guys hit.

I can imagine that Ruud’s forehand is extremely difficult to counter with all that spin and pace.

Other interesting players to check out on TopCourt: Dimitrov, Shapovalov, Navratilova (coming soon), Swiatek and Kyrgios (and many more). It’s a great platform and I would like to see them keep develop it and bring new exciting players and videos.

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