Diadem Elevate Tour Racquet Review

by Jonas Eriksson
Diadem Elevate Tour Racquet Review

What is Diadem you might ask? Well, Diadem is a small American company who is looking to challenge the big names by releasing high-quality products. I did review the Diadem Elevate racquet a while back and I really liked it. So I had high hopes for this Diadem Elevate Tour Racquet Review.

The Diadem Elevate reminded me of a HEAD IG Radical MP and after this Diadem Elevate Tour racquet review, I must say this one feels a bit like the Radical Pro. Just a solid, spin-friendly and nice feeling racquet. The specs are close to perfect for advanced players who like a manageable swing weight. If you want to read more about the tech inside the frame, I suggest you check out my Diadem Elevate review here as this one is basically just a heavier version.

Diadem Elevate Tour Racquet Review – Specs and tech

Diadem Elevate Tour Racquet Review

Head size: 98 sq inch
Standard length: (27 in/ 68.58 cm)
Unstrung weight: 315 g / 11,1 oz (Strung weight around 330 grams)
Balance: 31,5 cm (8 pts HL unstrung) – approx 32,5 cm strung
Stiffness rating: 67 RA unstrung / 64 strung
String pattern: 16×20
Beam width: 21.5 mm throughout

Most tennis nerds will like these specs. Advanced, solid, yet user-friendly for more advanced players. Simply quite a versatile racquet that fits a large group of players. Let’s say you like the Wilson Blade, Babolat Pure Strike or HEAD Radical? Then this one is a clear contender.

Regarding the tech, I’d like to quote my Diadem Elevate racquet review:

“This racquet does not come with a lot of technical hyperbole but focuses on one main tech innovation which is called Impact Shield. It works sort of like Babolat’s Cortex technology and is supposed to eliminate harmful vibrations. It seems to work well, as I felt no shock whatsoever playing this racquet with a poly string, so I would definitely say it is arm-friendly.”

Diadem Elevate Tour Racquet Review – How does it play?

Diadem Elevate Tour Racquet Review

This is just no-nonsense, well-performing racquet from pretty much everywhere on the court. It lands perfectly between a Pure Drive style racquet and a Prestige, some power, but not too much. You can then choose the string and tension to either reign in some of the power or add some more. When I strung it up with Solinco Tour Bite, it was a bit more controlled and when  I used it with Diadem Flash, it played with more power.

There are more precision-oriented racquets out there, but this one works well for pretty much everyone else. I loved it on serve where it packed more power than most 98 sq inch racquets. I think it has to do mainly with the beefier swing weight. Just solid and stable on volleys, nice plow-through on groundstrokes and still maneuverable enough to bump up the swing speed.

Diadem Elevate Tour Racquet Review – Summary

This play-test reminded me of my Tecnifibre Tfight 305 XTC review. It was just another racquet where I can’t find many faults. It is just an all-rounder with no standout features, but no weaknesses either. Simply, a really nice racquet!

So together with the Tecnifibre Tfight 305 XTC and the Angell K7 Lime, this is my favorite 98 sq inch racquet right now. If you want to find out what other racquets I like, check out my Top Ten Tennis Racquets Right Now post.

Well done to Diadem for another quality stick!

Diadem Elevate Tour Racquet Review – Video Review

What do you think of Diadem racquets? Have you tried? Do you want to? Please comment below.


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Dostoyevsky April 6, 2019 - 08:52

Hi Jonas; sorry this isn’t to do with this post, but I was wondering: would you happen to have tried the Prince Rebel 95 or Tour 95 (not Textreme), and know if they play anything like the PT630? Just noticed that they seem to be around 325-330g unstrung, very head light, and very flexible.

Big fan of your site and videos too!

Tennisnerd April 7, 2019 - 09:13

I have tried them and they have a plush, flexible feel not too far from the PT630.

Actually, I think they flex even more. A bit too much for my taste, but I know a lot of players love them.

Hope this helps. Cheers / J

Kosta April 8, 2019 - 23:08

I love the 16X20 string patterns! Unfortunately it seems like even Yonex is pulling away from them. This might be my next racquet coming from a Donnay X-Black 99 that has a 16×20

Tennisnerd April 9, 2019 - 05:50

It is definitely a good one! And like you, I love 16×20.

Kosta April 11, 2019 - 11:35

How would you compare the X-Silver 99 to this racquet?

Chuck Paynter April 12, 2019 - 01:03


What was the strung weight of your Elevate Tour (before you modified it)

Tennisnerd April 12, 2019 - 12:22

I did not do any customization to it and it came bang on spec. It plays very stable without any customization. One of the few currently commercially available racquets that I like in stock form. Cheers / Jonas

Chad D'Mello May 29, 2019 - 03:56

Hi Jonas. Great review! I am interested in this racquet. I currently play with the new HEAD 360 Graphene Speed Pro. How would you compare them? Thanks!

Tennisnerd May 29, 2019 - 08:43

Thanks! The Elevate Tour feels more solid than the Graphene Speed Pro, but it has a slightly higher swing weight thanks to the foam filling.

The Speed is faster through the air and gives you a lower launch angle, while the Elevate is more comfortable and spin-friendly.

Both are very good racquets, it depends on what you are looking for.

Cheers / Jonas

Chad D'Mello May 29, 2019 - 12:51

Thanks Jonas. Very tempting to try this but I can’t demo in Canada. I might just have to take the jump haha. I do like my Graphene Speed Pro. I like that it is fast through the air. I have a leather grip on it and lead at 12, 3 and 9. I also like 16 x 20 patterns very much. I used to play with the Yonex Duel G 330g for a long time. I liked it a lot for its precision but found it hard to whip as I do have a fast swing. How do you think this Diadem would feel with regards to someone who has a fast swing and takes big cuts at the ball.

Tennisnerd June 9, 2019 - 19:01

I think the Diadem will play very well and you can generate a nice whip and spin with that racquet.

Chad D'Mello May 29, 2019 - 13:35

Also, I just saw your review on the Pacific X Tour – another 16 x 20 racquet!!! That is awesome. How does this Diadem compare to that?

Tennisnerd June 9, 2019 - 19:01

The X Tour Pro offers a bit more directional control, slightly less spin, and power. Got one for sale if you’re interested.

Nick B June 8, 2019 - 12:04

This is a very intriguing racket! I currently play with a Pure Drive, but looking for something with a little more control, better feel, and is easier on the arm/wrist. The most natural transition would be the Pure Strike, but I love supporting smaller companies and this one seems to also be a little more comfortable than the Pure Strike. How would you compare the power/spin of the Elevate Tour vs. Pure Strike? Comfort? Thanks for the great and thorough reviews!

JASON M FINNEGAN September 11, 2021 - 21:31

What is the grip shape like? The specs are dead on, but I find many go off the path with grip shape. Is it similar to Wilson, Prince, or even Head? Not into the boxier feeling Babolat or Technifibre feel. I am an aging 4.5 trying to find a little more power and stiffness than the pro staff 100 v13 or Speed Pro. I don’t like muted and want to retain the crisp traditional response with a touch of modern put away power. Appreciate the help, thank you

Andy Nnewihe November 1, 2021 - 12:33

The grip shape is a bit flat/long on two of the bevels. It is not as extreme as the Pure Aero but not purely octagonal either. Also the stock grip is a hybrid leather/polyurethane grip – it is thicker than Wilson and gamma leather, weighs about the same, but has the comfort of a synthetic. Check out part 2 of my review on YouTube as I go into details about the grip.


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