My Wilson Custom Tennis Racquets have arrived

by Jonas Eriksson

I’m generally always happy when the mailman rings the door. Today I received my Wilson Custom tennis racquets and they look great.

Around 6 weeks back I designed a bunch of different Wilson Custom tennis racquets and asked my followers/subscribers to choose. In the end, this is what they chose, a Sweden (or Boca Juniors) inspired Clash 98 (my elbow says thank you very much) and a Porsche-inspired Pro Staff RF97 Autograph designed by my son Aiden (who loves cars).

I had no idea what to expect from the paint job, but I opened the box I was instantly relieved. They look to be of high quality (need to hit with them a bit first, but that’s the first impression) and I enjoy both of them. The glossy Clash 98 looks different and exciting, while the Pro Staff 97 is all class and sophistication. It’s Roger Federer’s racquet of choice, right?

I made a video about the ordering process of the Wilson Custom tennis racquets. It’s fairly straightforward but I found myself going back and forward and trying various different designs, so make sure you have ample time. The UI is user-friendly and straightforward, but unless you have a particular design in mind, it might take some back and forth. Below is a video detailing the process.

My Wilson Custom Racquets

So why did I chose a Clash 98 and a Pro Staff 97 RFA? Well, I am a fan of the Pro Staff RF97A, but it’s not a racquet for every day grinding. It’s for those times you want to pretend to be Roger for a while. Fun, but challenging. The Clash 98 is a nice racquet, especially for my sometimes complaining elbow. It’s also the most controlled of the quite “wild” Clash line of racquets.

I have been complaining a lot about specs and quality control over the years. But this time around I was lucky to get both racquets pretty much ON spec, which is exactly what I wanted. Now it’s time to string them up and take them to the tennis court tomorrow.

If you want to buy a Wilson Custom racquet or anything else from, please consider using my affiliate link and I get a tiny commission from your purchases at no cost to you. Here is the link to Wilson Custom tennis racquets

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Julius July 18, 2021 - 17:29

Great looking racquets! How did you get them delivered in Malta though? I have customised many a racquet on that website but I can’t order them!
I went to the website via your affiliate link. The customising is easy and fun. But when I go to ‘Proceed To Checkout’ the delivery address can only be in the United States of America.
So there the adventure ends abruptly.
The website you show in the video is the US website (as seen by the country flag in the upper right corner). That website only accepts US delivery addresses.
I even made an account on the website and tried to register my address. Also a no go (US addresses only).
So I am very curious how you got your racquets deliverd in Malta.

The other thing is, when you choose another country (by clicking the flag symbol) my country isn’t in the drop down menu.
Their are but 9 countries total, only 4 of which are in Europe (Germany, Spain, France, Italy).
No Malta, no the Netherlands (where I live). So I am wondering how did YOU do it?

By the way I’ve checked out each of those European countries. The PRO STAFF 97 RFA is a whopping €350,- in all 4 of these EU countries, and 320 English pounds on the UK website.
That is a ridiculous price, especially when compared to the $229 on the US site.

Maybe I am doing something wrong, or I am overlooking something here.
SO if you can tell me how I can order my customised Wilson racquet at the much friendlier $229 I’d be very interested to buy one or more. And I’ll even use the affiliate link ;-)

TN July 18, 2021 - 21:03

We have a redirect service via Malta Post that I use when I don’t have access to a certain location. There are postboxes in Germany, Spain, UK etc where the parcel gets redirected to you. You pay a little extra and it takes a little longer, but it works well and I have used it for years. Otherwise, I usually rely on friends/family abroad to send it to me after I order.

It’s a little tricky otherwise, sadly. But PostNL might have a similar redirect service. Cheers / J


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