Tecnifibre Tfight RS 305 Review

by Jonas Eriksson

Not long after my test of the Tfight RS 315, here is my Tecnifibre Tfight RS 305 review. It’s the update to the Tfight XTC 305.

I have really enjoyed this Tecnifibre Tfight RS 305 review. It’s a close contender with the new Ezone Tour and Radical Pro 2021 for my next match racquet. One benefit is that I got this racquet pretty much on spec! But we’re getting to that.

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Specs and Tech

So what’s new in the RS version? A few things. The RS section which gave the line its name – a 5-sided R-shape to in the throat to keep the racquet more stable through impact. Portions of this racquet have also been injected with foam, for a more stable and dampened feel. Besides, it includes the Xtreme Touch Construction and Dynacore HD from the previous version.

Listed specs

Head size: 98 sq inches
Length: 27 inches
Weight: 305g
Balance: 5 pts HL / 32.5 cm
Swing weight: 300
Stiffness: 70
Beam: 23/23/22.5 mm
String pattern: 18/19

My specs

Weight: 303.7g
Balance: 325 cm
SW: 299

As you can see, pretty much spot on! I strung the racquet with Solinco Hyper-G Soft 1.25 at 53 lbs (24 kg) and got the following strung specs with overgrip:

Weight: 324.2g
Balance: 33 cm (4 pts HL)
SW: 330

These specs are right up my alley! I could perhaps add a bit of weight on the grip to make the racquet more head-light and slightly heavier, but otherwise, it’s pretty much just perfect for me. I did enjoy the XTC version a lot and this one feels even better, a bit more power, a bit quicker through the air.

How does it play?

The Tecnifibre Tfight RS 305 did not really show any weaknesses for me. The only thing I worry about a bit is the high stiffness, but the foam-filling seems to do a good job at dampening vibrations because I have not felt any real discomfort with this frame. I like it from pretty much anywhere on the court, but especially the one-hander feels very natural with this line of racquets. Just swing and hit!

The racquet offers good touch, some free pop on serve, nice control on groundstrokes, and decent stability for the weight. It’s definitely a frame for more advanced players with the beefy swing weight, but despite that, it feels quick through the air for me. Comparing it to the Ezone Tour, it’s not quite as solid, but easier to swing and with more free pop.

It reminds me of the new Radical prototypes. The beam is engineered to be fast, but the racquet is still stable and offers a good balance of control and power. It’s definitely made for more advanced players, but if you’re on a certain level, I find this frame really user-friendly. If you like racquets like the Blade or Radical, the Tfight 305 should definitely be considered! This is by far my favorite Tecnifibre racquet and is even better for my game than the TF40.

Have you tried the Tecnifibre Tfight RS 305?

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laurean November 2, 2020 - 00:24

Thanks for the informative review, as always. How would you compare it with Pure Aero VS 2020 (my racquet of choise nowadays), the specs seem quite similar? I will probably try the 315 g version, I like the 330-340 g strung range of racquets.

David Hoffmann April 10, 2021 - 07:46

I woulf be really curious if the 305 and 315 rackets are essentially the same frame but the 315 has just 10g added to the handle. Whatcha thing? Or do you know?

Jacob April 22, 2021 - 14:23

Stiffness of 70? Is that unstrung? Was thinking of trying this racket next to my TF40 305, but that stiffness scares me !

Marco May 11, 2021 - 09:27

Would love to know how it compares with the TF40 305. I love the stability, feel and comfort of my TF40 but would prefer it with a more open string pattern and maybe a bit more pop

Branko Andrews June 7, 2021 - 21:31

How does it compare to the new Head Radical Pro?

TN June 8, 2021 - 07:07

The Tfight is a bit faster through the air, slightly more powerful, similar spin potential.

martin September 21, 2021 - 14:34

I’ve found the SW just too high to make it a really good doubles stick so I’ve used a hole punch to take out just 1.5g from the bumper guard plus 18g strings. This has really worked well to get the SW down to exactly where I need it. Brilliant racket!

TN September 22, 2021 - 17:17

That’s a creative solution!


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