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Wilson Shift vs Pro Staff vs HEAD Gravity

by TN

You have been asking for more racquet comparisons, so let's compare Wilson Shift vs Pro Staff vs HEAD Gravity racquet lines.

Wilson Shift vs Pro Staff vs HEAD Gravity

These are the three most recent racquet lines I have reviewed. I know the title of Wilson Shift vs Pro Staff vs HEAD Gravity is not the most click-friendly title perhaps, but it does open up for the comparison between three popular racquet lines.

If you have read my Wilson Shift review, you know I like that frame a lot. It flexes in a slightly different way, making it very spin-friendly without having an overly “aerodynamic” or rounded beam, like many other spin-friendly racquets. It also balances power, spin, and control well, making it a solid competitor to the popular HEAD Speed racquets. It kind of goes in the middle of control racquets like Radical and Blade and more power-oriented racquets like Ultra and Aero.

So the Shift stands on its own compared to Pro Staff and Gravity racquets. Those two lines are focused on control, while the Shift will be easier to use, as it offers more power and spin.

Wilson Pro Staff vs HEAD Gravity

These two racquet lines are all about control. Yes, you can choose slightly different specifications, which you can find out about in my Wilson Pro Staff review and the HEAD Gravity review. The Pro Staff 97 and the HEAD Gravity Pro are solid competitors in the advanced control segment. They require good mechanics and that the player brings their own power. The Gravity has a larger sweet spot but also feels slower through the air, while the Pro Staff is whippier, but not quite as solid.

There are lighter and slightly more forgiving options. The Pro Staff X is Wilson's 100 sq inch version, which makes it a bit more forgiving, but also opens up for some inconsistency in the 16×19 string bed. I would say it compares well to the HEAD Gravity Tour, which is a little less controlled than the Pro, despite also having an 18×20 pattern (the comes some additional power from the 22 mm beam of the Tour).

Players with flatter strokes looking for control do well to check out either line. The Pro Staff 97 is a bit faster through the air and plays more like a traditional racquet, while the Gravity line offers a larger sweet spot with its teardrop-shaped 100 sq inch head.

I hope this sorts out some confusions. If you have more questions, put them below or in the YouTube comments.

If you want to purchase any of the racquets, I would appreciate if you do so through our affiliates at Tennis Warehouse, Tennis Warehouse Europe and Tennis Only.

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Rick March 18, 2023 - 16:34

Can you do some notes on the difference between the 300g and 315g shift? I can’t imagine with how many differences there are that they play the same.

Richard Greenhouse March 21, 2023 - 12:30

Great reviews and commentary
Extremely helpful


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