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Tecnifibre Razor Code hybrid review

by GP
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We have a guest string review from Christopher Conte. It’s a Tecnifibre Razor Code hybrid review. Is it a great poly/poly?

Tecnifibre Razor Code hybrid – the Ultimate Poly/Poly?

As a long time tennis player, there is always the racket journey process to go through. To me, that seemed much easier than finding the best strings that gives me control, comfort, and playability. 

Over the past few years, I’ve adapted well to a few strings, but none seem to last as long as Razor Code in the 1.25MM gauge. As a fan of Daniil Medvedev, I started buying a reel of White 1.25 and was satisfied until I researched further on them having Blue and Carbon

Usually, you’d think, “What does color matter?” regarding the same brand of strings? I at least thought that until I saw more research stating otherwise.

Full bed vs hybrid

After trying out the Razor Code Blue 1.25 in a full bed, it actually was softer than the white and had a little more pop. Had to string a bit higher than 48 Lbs. (normal tension on white is 46-48 pending conditions) to about 53 and the precision really flourished while not losing much comfort. 

So I thought to experiment with the hybrid of Blue and White as the ultimate weapon in my T-Fight 305 ISO. My specs in my ISO are as followed: 

  • 336 grams Strung (with Dampener and OG)
  • 333 Swing Weight 
  • 32.5 CM balance.

As an aggressive ball striker from the baseline with a big serve, my focus is mostly on control. Very rarely do you see many round poly/poly hybrids in the same gauge. Sebastion Korda, I believe, does a 1.25 and 1.20 ALU Power hybrid. But after using both Razor Code blue and white separately, I decided to hybrid the two. 

I strung this up at 52 LBS with Razor Code Blue in the Mains and White in the cross. I charted the experiment into a score card which I’ll post at the end of the article. 

What I look for in a string is control, feel, spin potential, comfort, and playability. I hear the words “tension maintenance” too often on tennis forums and groups, but poly drops tension rather quickly. I prefer the term playability as certain poly’s perform quite well for 8 weeks or breaks. 


I felt this set up offered excellent precision for aggressive ball strikers. I found my misses were by small margins deep and wide when going for it. My confidence was sky high in rallies as the ball pocketed well and I did not seem to tense up in key moments worrying about missing. From the backhand side, I enjoyed ripping the ball cross court deep into the corner to pressure my opponents, which is my favorite shot. 

Comfort and feel

As stated earlier, the Blue seemed softer than the white version. Crazy to think how both seemed softer and more forgiving than the new Razor Soft Carbon (did not enjoy). 

Polyester strings can be difficult for some who experience tennis elbow or shoulder issues. If your arm is not sensitive to poly, I do recommend this set up while experimenting at your own desired tension. I did not find this set up muted, but rather comfortable, crisp, and forgiving. 

Spin Potential

This is an objective opinion for many fellow tennis players. Some will find round polys spin friendly, others enjoy a shaped string with rough edges to grab the ball. 

For me, I hit mostly flat with low net clearance, especially from my backhand side. Forehand, I do love to mix things up with some heavier top spin deep in the court while flattening out my forehand. Those top spin shots did produce some bite and were effective in match play. On serve, I felt my kick serve to the Ad side of the court was most effective to right handed opponents back hand. Allowed me to add some serve and volley to score some free points on serve. While razor code white in a full bed of poly at 48 lbs. is spin friendly, I wonder how much the string bed would open up stringing the cross down by 1-2 lbs. next time. 


I used this string for about 12 hours (5-6 matches) before breaking it on a serve during a match. From my experience, I did not lose confidence in performance as tension dropped over time. I like to play until the string breaks or restring after 8 weeks, where there could be a risk of arm soreness when poly goes bad. If you’re looking for a poly that performs for several hours, I recommend trying this Tecnifibre Razor Code hybrid or one of these two colored Razor Code strings in a full bed.

Let me know your thoughts or if you’ve tried it in the comments below! 

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Az April 10, 2024 - 13:08

To confirm you used 1.25 blue mains and 1.20 white in crosses at 52lbs each ?

Great you love the iso 305 it’s a Great frame

More ppl would benefit from having a thinner cross in the cross and doing a 1.25 main and 1.20 cross

Do you love your iso 305 ?

Chris Conte April 20, 2024 - 00:23

Hi Az,

I actually had 1.25 blue in mains and 1.25 white in the cross. White is the stiffer of the two although ever so slightly but hey- I can tell these things apart hehe.

I do love the Tfight 305 iso. Also loved the xtc version. RS was ok. I still tinker around with specs. Coming off a shoulder injury I did drop some of the weight I had from the handle.

1.25 and 1.20 is on my list to try.


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