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Toroline K-Pro String Review

by Jonas Eriksson

Pro player, and creator, Karue Sell, has collaborated with Toroline to create the K-Pro hybrid. Here is our Toroline K-Pro String Review.

Toroline K-Pro String Review

Karue Sell is a part of My Tennis HQ, which has become a strong content hub for tennis content. He has also been on the Tennisnerd Podcast twice. You can listen to his latest appearance here. But besides returning to the podcast, he has also returned to tour play. He used to be ranked 400 ATP but took some years off during the pandemic. Now, he has recently returned and has already won a 15k ITF tournament. In this event and others, he has used his customized Yonex VCORE 95 strung with Toroline K-Pro, a hybrid of Toroline Wasabi and Caviar.

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If you want a video review, there is one up on our Patreon as well as for YouTube members.

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How does K-Pro perform?

I strung up the K-Pro setup in the Wilson Pro Staff 97 V13 at 51 lbs for the mains and 49 lbs for the crosses. Karue uses Wasabi Carbon in the mains and Caviar in the crosses. It can be worth testing them the other way around, as well. We might do that for our next session and see how it plays.

This is how Toroline describes this hybrid setup:

The main string, WASABI, is a square-shaped co-poly string designed for maximum spin and control. The cross string, CAVIAR, is a hexagonal co-poly string that has exceptional feel and maximum precision.

From the first strike, I noticed a solid, compact feel. The string setup makes the racquet feel like it has a larger sweet spot or more weight behind it. This might be imagined, but it is how it feels. It is like the racquet now has a “wall of string”, which is a pleasant feel in most ways.

The launch angle is relatively high with both Wasabi and Caviar and I would put them in the category of “lively strings”. If you are a control freak, I would string it a tad higher than what I did in the Pro Staff. But in a control racquet, stringing low (even lower than I did) can open up some extra depth and spin potential, so you should always adjust to the racquet you are using.

If I string this setup in a 100 sq inch racquet, for example, a power racquet, I would go for a tension around 55-53 lbs instead.


I get a lot of questions about arm-friendly strings. Players want to use some kind of polyester setup but not go too stiff. I would say that this setup and both Caviar and Wasabi on their own, are relatively arm-friendly. They are responsive and will give you a lot of power and spin for free. I think this is the reason my 66-year-old stepfather has made a switch to a full bed of Caviar in the Furi Arma Pro 98. He doesn’t have the best technique or footwork, but he has no complains about soreness using the full bed of Caviar.

I would say the same goes for the K-Pro. It has great comfort, some power, and excellent spin potential. Maybe not quite the bite of a Solinco Confidential, but better comfort. Control is good, but the string will give you a little extra launch and pop compared to deader polyesters like Alu Power, RPM Blast or even Hyper-G. You can read more about our recommended strings here.


Overall, the K-Pro hybrid is great. If you are looking for a responsive string that gives you good spin and power for a poly, I would consider it. I think it makes a lot of sense to offer a pre-packed hybrid instead of experimenting with the thousands of string options on the market today. It will be costly and time-consuming (but potentially fun) to go through numerous options in the hope of finding a hybrid you like.

If you already have a string that works well for you, I always recommend sticking to it, even if it is always fun to try new products. But if you are searching for an arm-friendly and responsive poly setup, the K-Pro (alongside other Toroline strings) should be considered.

Let me know if you have tried this hybrid or other Toroline strings and what you think of them.

You can order Toroline strings from the official website using the code TENNISNERD and get 25% off.

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Tim November 22, 2023 - 05:47

Hello Jonas,
First off, I love the content, please keep up the string reviews. Regarding toroline strings, which string would you say is the most control oriented and/or stiffest string of the lineup?

TN November 22, 2023 - 09:05

Hi Tim, thanks. Wasabi Carbon, I would say


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