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Tennis Betting Strategy and Rules – The Full Guide

by Tennisnerd

Did you know that tennis has more betting markets than other sports? Betway covers most tennis tournaments. Here is our take on tennis betting strategy.

When you are betting on tennis, you need to be clever. Some punters take costly risks that result in huge loses. Here are six tips that can help you maximize your profits, without taking unnecessary risks. Don’t forget to stay up to date with tennis news, betting and predictions.

Bet on Several Bookies

Many gamblers like wagering on specific bookmakers. It limits their chances of winning huge payouts and getting bonuses. Open accounts with different betting firms. Some sportsbooks provide new punters with a welcome bonus that you can place bets with. Besides, different bookmakers offer varying odds for each tennis game.

Place Value Bets

Avoid placing stakes if the bet doesn’t have value. Experienced punters can easily identify value bets by using an effective betting strategy. An ideal system should itemize each matchup to provide you with several betting value options.

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Specialize in a Certain Tennis Circuit

Thousands of men and women tennis games are played each year. It is advisable to focus on one tournament to understand its style of play and hone your tennis betting skills. Many sports fans cannot analyze all tennis games. You can install a sports betting app on your Android phone to place live tennis bets. Furthermore, you can use it to create a complex betting model for the Challenger Circuit and Grand Slam games. Choose tennis markets and bet types that you are familiar with. You can place handicap, game totals or value bets.

Record Your Bets

Most tennis bets involve managing a bankroll and identifying value bets. Experienced bettors recommend recording each bet you place on any bookmaker. Indicate the bet type, bookie, date, stake and the result of individual bets. Review your profits and losses after a while to determine whether you need to change your betting strategy.

Understand Returning and Serving

In-play betting is a popular type of tennis betting. Some betting firms offer live streams of different tennis games. You need to understand returning and serving to make correct predictions while placing live bets. A tennis player determines the outcome of a game when they serve. Tennis legends such as Andy Roddick, Ivo Karlovic, and Serena Williams garner many points through serving. Players who make weak serves often lose in the second and third sets.

Assess the Surface

There are different tennis court surfaces. Some players win on particular surfaces while others can play on any court. For example, Roger Federer can win on clay, grass or hard surfaces while Andy Murray performs well on clay courts. Tenacious tennis players can win on any surface. Check the form of individual players on different surfaces to determine their chances of winning.

Tennis betting is tricky compared to other forms of sports betting. Amateur gamblers should understand the rules and basic strategies of the sport to win bets. You can place pre-game or live tennis bets on Betway. It is advisable to check the tennis calendars to pick high-stakes games that you can bet on.

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