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How to get the most from your tennis betting

by TN

Betting on tennis can be fun (as long as you do it responsibly) and having a wager on a player makes matches even more exciting, but to get the most out of your tennis betting you will need to be a little more prepared than following your gut feelings. You may want to study players’ form in-depth, or examine the latest tennis bookmaker comparison sites, or you may want a few tips just to get you started.

The most popular bets in tennis are choosing the winner of any particular match or the exact set score. Under/over markets are popular too – these are where a bookmaker selects how many sets or games a match will contain, and you can wager whether there will be more or less than the bookmaker’s prediction.

Handicap bets are popular too. This is where a weaker player is given a theoretical head start over their opponent in terms of the number of games they will win during the match. For example, Stan Wawrinka might be taking on Marin Cilic, and Cilic is given a 2.5 game handicap boost. That means that if you bet on Cilic to win the most games and he wins two less than Wawrinka your bet would still be a winning one.

When it comes to choosing whom to back, head-to-head records are always an important aspect to consider. Different players have different types of games of course, and occasionally you have a mismatch when a theoretically weaker player has the perfect game to beat a theoretical stronger one.

The type of surface is important too, with tennis matches being played on four types of court, those being clay, grass, hard and indoor. You can see which type of surface a player is more effective on by looking at their record in the slams: Australian Open (hard outdoors), French Open (clay), Wimbledon (grass), US Open (hard outdoors). Rafael Nadal is lethal on clay – ten of his sixteen slams have been at the French Open. Novak Djokovic on the other hand has only won one slam on clay – his other eleven have been on grass and hardcourt.

Another way of working out how likely a player is to win on a particular surface is by understanding their playing style. Aggressive players with super speedy serves tend to do well on zippy grass courts, while defensive baseline dominators are better on harder courts.

You must always take notice of a player’s current form, of course. Maybe they are struggling with an injury, or have changed their coach – all are factors that need to be considered.
Finally, where you place your bets is just as important as whom you bet upon. If you are choosing an online sports book make sure they have a decent track record for customer service and pay out without reasonable delays too. Also make sure they have plenty of tasty bonuses and promotions – tennis-related or not – for you to take advantage of.

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