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Discovering Lesser-Known Tennis Tournaments Around the World

by Stefan
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Tennis travels does not always mean heading for the big Grand Slams or ATP Masters tournaments. We’ve found lesser-known tennis tournaments that offer fantastic tennis as well as providing you with a great travel experience. It’s all about discovering the local cultures, traditions, communities and… watching top tennis players!

Below are some of our best tennis travel spots which we recommend you to research more about.

  • The Hall of Fame Open, Newport, Rhode Island, USA
    Well, we listed it in our top 5 unique tennis courts and here it is again. This is actually the only professional tennis tournament played on grass in North America. Being played right after Wimbledon, it offers both players and fans a bit more relaxed atmosphere. The tournament is also an opportunity to explore some tennis history in their museum and of course the hall of fame itself.
  • The Heineken Open, Auckland, New Zealand
    The Heineken Open (now known as the ASB Classic) has beome something of a favorite among players, just for its friendly atmosphere and nice settings. It’s a combined ATP / WTA event, and it can be experienced just before visiting the Australian Open. All set in Auckland’s stunning landscapes, a really nice place to travel around.
  • The Copa Libertadores de Tenis, Montevideo, Uruguay
    South America’s clay-court season has its own charm in our opinion, and the Copa Libertadores de Tenis in Montevideo is a really good tennis tournament. Usually we can see young talents (from the continent mainly), challenging in this tournament. Montevideo is also an underrated location and provides a perfect backdrop for the event.
  • The Boss Open, Stuttgart, Germany
    Transitioning from clay to grass, the Boss Open in Stuttgart offers the players a chance to adjust to the surface change before Wimbledon. Maybe this event does not have the same prestige as some of the larger tournaments, but it actually provides a high-quality field. We love enjoying the nice city of Stuttgart, a top tennis travel spot in Europe, and it’s surely more then just about the automotive heritage. We go to the Boss Open (previously called Mercedes Cup) pretty much every single year since it was moved from clay to grass courts.
  • The Challenger Bengaluru Open, Bengaluru, India
    India’s tennis scene is on full display at the Challenger Bengaluru Open, where new talents and more known professionals compete. The tournament is known for its enthusiastic crowds and it’s a really intense atmosphere. Bengaluru as a travel destination offers a nice mix of modernity and tradition.
  • The Morocco Tennis Tour, Marrakech
    Part of the ATP Challenger Tour, the Morocco Tennis Tour in Marrakech is a clay-court event with a decent line-up every year. Fans and tennisnerds can explore all of the Marrakech’s historic sites and bustling markets.

Morocco Tennis Tour, Marrakech

We believe, for the average tennis traveler, these events will give a good opportunity to see up-and-coming talent, enjoy competitive matches and explore new interesting destinations. Let us know your favourites in the comments below. Do you know any lesser-known tennis tournaments that we might have missed?

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