Pacific X Fast Pro Racquet Review

by Jonas Eriksson
Pacific X Fast Pro Racquet Review

I had not really properly tested Pacific racquets before I did my review of the X Tour Pro 97, but since that was such a positive experience, I was happy to sink my teeth into this Pacific X Fast Pro Racquet Review.

The Pacific X Tour Pro 97 is a players racquet with a manageable swing weight and a small sweet spot, but the Pacific X Fast Pro is something quite different. The racquet is 100 sq inches, weighs 310 grams, comes slightly extended and offers a healthy swing weight of 335. Does this mean it is difficult to use? Not really, but a swing weight that feels nice and solid during the first 45 minutes can affect you after one hour and a half. But I really enjoyed this Pacific X Fast Pro racquet review throughout.

When I played with this racquet compared to my Pacific X Tour Pro 97 (click the link to read my review) I noticed the easy power and depth from the X Fast. The sweet spot is surprisingly large, especially since Pacific racquets are more known for smaller, more precise sweet spots. Despite the extended length, I felt quite a home with this racquet after only twenty minutes of hitting. What was noticeable was the more controlled launch angle compared to for example a Pure Aero, Wilson Clash or HEAD Extreme. For my game, this is a big plus because it was less likely that the ball launched on me with the Pacific X-Fast Pro.

Pacific X Fast Pro Racquet Review – Specs and tech

Pacific X Fast Pro Racquet Review

The Pacific X Fast Pro is a powerful racquet, but I think they have managed to find a good balance between power and control. Here are the specs:

Pacific X Fast Pro Racquet Review

I did not feel any need to add lead tape or increase the swing weight on this racquet. It was stable on volleys, gave me nice pop on serves, and offered a low skidding response on my slice. I did struggle a bit with generating racquet head speed compared to a standard length Aero or similar, but the extended length was pretty much spot on as it did not hamper me too much but still offered better stability than most similar racquets.

I strung up this racquet with Kirschbaum Pro Line 2, an excellent softer poly that still offers good control and the combination worked really well. I did not feel any harshness from the frame so the BXT technology which uses Basalt fibers to filter out harsh vibrations is definitely at work here. Besides the BXT, the X Fast Pro also uses a Stability System (PSS) which is basically added weight in the head to make the racquet more stable on contact. This is similar to Wilson’s PWS system as the weight is placed at 3 and 9.

Pacific X Fast Pro Racquet Review – How does it play?

Pacific X Fast Pro Racquet Review

I had a blast using the Pacific X-Fast Pro and was very surprised by how much I liked it. After my first hour, it was clear that this racquet really made it easy for me to hit my spots consistently and move my opponents around. I especially liked looping spinny shots on my forehand to my opponent’s backhand in a Rafa-inspired effort to open up the court. On my one-handed backhand, the extended length was a bit more noticeable and it wasn’t as easy for me to hit it aggressively, but the slice shot bailed me out often since I managed to produce a really low and skidding slice with the X-Fast Pro.

I also enjoyed this racquet a lot on serves and managed to get both spin and pop on them. This is where I appreciated the extra length the most. I mainly used this racquet on hard courts, but on a clay court for an aggressive baseliner, this racquet could be a very interesting choice indeed.

Pacific X Fast Pro Racquet Review – Pros and ConsPacific X Fast Pro Racquet Review

I find it hard to fault this racquet. It is definitely for more advanced players due to the heftier swing weight, but if you can handle that, this racquet has a lot on offer.

+ Easy access to power and spin
+ Stable
+ Controlled launch angle

– Can be a bit cumbersome to swing
– Not the best touch on volleys (but great at punching them)

All in all, the Pacific X Fast Pro is an excellent racquet for intermediate to advanced baseliners looking for a stable and spin-friendly racquet with juicy swing weight and a controlled launch angle.

Pacific X Fast Pro Racquet Review – Video


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Henrik Wallensten June 8, 2019 - 18:13

Pacific makes some really nice, solid frames with good feel, If they had a couple of big names in their line-up i´m sure they would be considered one of the top brands in the talk when players are looking for new gear. Now they are almost forgotten and that´s a shame. I really hope people give Pacific a try because this is pure quality frames

Adrian Clinton June 14, 2019 - 01:04

Do you prefer the Pacific X Fast Pro or the Pacific 97 Tour

Tennisnerd June 17, 2019 - 07:53

The Tour Pro is my favorite in the end because I simply prefer control-oriented racquets.

Andrey Podrezov June 27, 2019 - 07:39

Would you consider doing a review of the Pro No. 1? In honour of Baghdatis’ imminent retirement?

Tennisnerd August 12, 2019 - 12:53

If I get a hold of one I will!

Bartold Curland June 5, 2021 - 14:19

As a long-time Fischer Black Granite 98 pro No.1 -user I read your reviews of the X tour pro and the X fast pro with special Interest. My black granite is the successor of the Baghdatis-Racket M-pro No. 1 and M speed pro No.1 and the predecessor of the Pacific X-force pro 320 in its various iterations, specwise they are identical. The current X-force pro No1 is a much lighter Racket and not the one that Baghdatis once used (despite the Name). I’m quite happy with the performance of my Fischer-Rackets, although at the time I’m thinking about switching back to my old Dunlop Muscle Weave 200g 95, which I played prior the Fischers, inspired by your reviews of the Dunlop Cx 200 and the Prince Phantom 93 pro. Nonetheless, do you plan on making a review of the Pacific X-force pro 320? I would be delighted, since it very underrated and under the radar. Keep up the great work!

Bartold Curland August 4, 2021 - 07:51

Well, I have to correct myself. The Pacific Pro No.1 IS the racket that Baghdatis used, at least moldwise, but much lighter (internal Fischer Mold-Name is “252”). The x force pro and my Fischer Black Granite no.1 as well as the former M-pro No 1 and M-speed pro No 1 are all very likely to be derived from the Fischer Pro No 1 FT (“Frequency Tuning”). The main difference can be seen in the throat area, above the handle. Otherwise the two molds are quite similar, but not the same (At 3 and 9 the xforce pro has a slightly thicker area which the pro no 1 does not have). Sorry for misleading anyone but TW once reviewed the m-pro No 1 as Baghdatis’ racket (several years ago), but he always played a paintjob of the 252 mold. It is also the same mold that kafelnikov once used. Nevertheless I (and probably a few others) would be delighted if you could also make a review of the x force pro.


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