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Lost in the String Jungle

by Jonas Eriksson

I am looking for my new main string for competitive play and created a vlog in the process called “Lost in the String Jungle”.

After a long testing process that I have talked about in various posts like “Should I make the switch?”  I have decided to stay with my customized Babolat Soft Drives (original version from 1997). They are just familiar enough and easier to use than some of the racquets I’ve tested and enjoyed lately like the HEAD Pro Tour 2.0 or the Wilson Ultra Pro. The Soft Drive has been in and out of my tennis life since 2017-18, so it’s like an old friend. Which helps. But the next step when you have your racquet and customization done is to choose a regular string. So here I am, “lost in the string jungle”.

Well, it’s not that bad. I have tested enough strings over the years to have some favorites already that I know to perform well. But we’re always looking for that edge, right? So I’m definitely keen to try some more.

Strings I’m testing currently

I did enjoy the Tecnifibre Triax string, but I’m not sure it has enough spin potential for what I’m looking for. The feel and comfort were excellent factors as it is 50’% poly and 50% multifilament, but the durability suffers a little bit (I got seven good hours out of my set though, so not bad for a multi-style string). That’s why I’m also testing the new Toroline strings, like Super Toro (green currently, but the main color is blue), Luxilon Alu Power 1.30 and Alu Power Rough 1.30, but also a string I have reviewed previously but not in the Soft Drive – Mayami Tour Hex.

I am checking the tension maintenance after each hit with my ERT 300 string tension meter. The idea is to understand which string holds tension best. I can re-string myself, but I prefer not having to buy new strings all the time.

I will keep you in the loop on how all this is going. If you have any questions or strings you want to recommend, let me know!

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IOANNIS AGAPIOU August 21, 2020 - 12:35

I have tried hundreds of strings and i always return and trust only
Volkl Cylone 1.30 Yellow 23kg or
Volkl Cylone 1.25 Black 23kg or
Volkl Cyclone tour 1.25 anthracite 23.5kg for more power without losing control.
I really liked yonex spin g and babolat rpm blast but i had after 10-15 hours and specially at serving shoulder and elbow pain.

caleb August 21, 2020 - 15:45

Weiss cannon ultra cable, as a hybrid though
Awesome spin potential, not really that stiff or harsh
Doesnt hold tension super well as a full set, hence the hybrid recommendation.
I use it with Gosen OG Synthetic 17 in my Ultra Tour, strung about 50lbs, next time i may go 48, feels great.


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